Projection Mod (Experimental)

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* This mod is still in development. It does not have all its content and may still contain bugs. Do not run on a save that is important as it may corrupt or ruin the save. *

Something very strange is happening in this world. It appears that something is slowly consuming this world until it is property of the []. The Inhibition roam the contaminated areas, in an attempt to convert others to the correct side. Do you wish to stop this conversion for the better? The conversion is already taking place, so will you be able to change the expected projection of the future? I don't recommend it.

Much of the content in the mod is not yet created, this version was uploaded in an attempt to acquire feedback or bug reports by other people. 

What the mod currently features:

  • 3 new ores, each with its own armor & tool set. (But be careful, not every ore is as safe as it seems.) (But there's 4 armor & tool sets...?)
  • 4 new biomes, each appear to be harboring something that is unfavorable is for the better of the world. 
  • Additional decorative blocks (3 new woods, 2 new brick colors, but is it worth it?)
  • 1 new dimension (More TBM) that appears to be trapping something.
  • 2 different boss mobs (*Placeholder textures*) attempting to spread [] around the world.
  • 2 structures, each appearing entirely useless.
  • Many effects and advancements. (18 advancements to be specific) (By effects I mean procedures.) (1 potion effect with more to come, especially soon.)


In addition, there is cryptic messages in place, but I don't think they mean anything. Don't worry about them. 
The content will be released when I have time to do this. :)
Please be rude (but constructive) if this mod sucks. (seriously)

I recommended using JEI as knowing how to make every item isn't exactly clear at first glance, even with the recipe book.

Modification files
Projection Mod (experimental)_1.jar - Version 0.1.2Uploaded on: 05/30/2022 - 02:04   File size: 909.86 KB

* Minor / Bug Fix Update *

New Stuff:
  • Added a new wood & tree type - Again, something appears off about it. What is it?
  • Added recipes to craft the brick types. (I'm kind of dumb for that...)
  • Added a new biome - Is this one normal?
  • Added 5 new advancements for the new things added.

  • Increased spawn rate of the flesh plant.
  • Increased spawn rate of each biome in the overworld.
  • Changed text of the blue brick variant when interacting with it to reflect its proper color.
  • Ore of Darkness now gives blindness when it is in your inventory.
  • Devoid tears no longer give several negative effects in inventory, only when it is in your hand.
  • The explosion size for defeating Inhibition - Variant 2 has been decreased to make it more likely to survive.
  • The filler block of the dimension is no longer the red tendril brick type, it is now stone to decrease the chance of death when traveling to the dimension.

Bug Fixes:
  • Potential fix for rare bug where you could spawn into the void when entering the dimension.
  • Potential fix for spawning in either the wall or deadly waters of the dimension due to the biome heights being variable.
  • Fixed a bug where only the bosses were spawning in the biome, causing a large amount of them to appear.
  • Fixed a bug where the "unsettling" forest biome would only spawn underneath the ground rather than on the surface.
  • Potential fix for potential crash for when loading into the dimension when in the air. (Why?)
  • Fixed a bug where the hyper-charged set couldn't be made in a smithing table.
  • Fixed a bug where an infinite loop could occur when killing Inhibition - Variant 1 and 2, causing the game to freeze.
  • Fixed the dimension rarely being entirely an ocean.
  • Fixed a bug where Inhibition - Variant 2 would spawn in the deadly ocean, causing the chat to be filled with messages and lag the game.
  • Fixed a bug where other Inhibition - Variant 2 would be instantly killed by an explosion of defeating one, causing the entire biome to be entirely destroyed with little survival chance, even with the best armor.
  • Fixed a bug where right clicking in the air with the key received from Inhibition - Variant 1 (Key to Them) in the dimension would result in the game crashing.
  • Potential fix for receiving the exit key to the dimension when entering it.
  • Potential fix for some of the lag in the new biomes and dimension.

Have fun, I guess? Why am I doing this?