Crack crack crack!

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This mod adds useful crafting items.
The mod itself is under development.

A new tool that is used in different recipes. Also, when used in crafting, it spends its durability instead of disappearing. It is made from a stick, a calcite alloy, and four calcite nuggets.
Durability: 70
Damage: 4           
Calcite alloy 
Used to craft Cracker and Calcite Nuggets. You can learn how to craft it in the Beginner's Guide.
Calcite nugget
Used only in crafting the Cracker. It is made from a calcite alloy in four pieces. 
Beginner's Guide
If you press the right mouse button while holding this item, a special Gui will open that will help you in the recipes. The item is crafted using paper and an ink sac.
__________________________________________________________________                                                                           other info     
Mod version: Beta 0.1.0
Minecraft version: 1.18.2
Localization: English, Russian.
Author: MrGuineaPig


Modification files
Crack crack crack!.jar - Crack crack crack! mod for minecraft 1.18.2Uploaded on: 08/01/2022 - 15:02   File size: 38.36 KB

I am no longer going to post new versions of my mod on this site, now you can find it on CurseForge