Dwarven Expansion

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Adds tons of items from the Hypixel Skyblock Dwarven Mines update including:

Mithril, Titanium, Mithril and Titanium drills, Titanium Armor, Divan's Armor and The Divan's drill.

Mithril is a brand-new ore and requires at least a netherite pickaxe or Iron Drill to mine. It can be used to create Mithril Blocks and The Mithril Drill SX-R326.

Titanium is also new and can ONLY be mined by anything more powerful than a Mithril Drill SX-R326 (Ex: Divan's Drill). Not only it can be used to create Titanium armor and the Titanium Drill DR-X655.

Divan Fragments are used to create Divan Armor. Currently Divan Armor only gives defense but will be buffed in Crystal Hollows Update.Β 

Divan's Drill is the upgraded form of the Titanium Drill DR-X655, and while currently is useless, it will be invaluable in the Crystal Hollows UpdateΒ 

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DwarvenExpansionMod.jarUploaded on: 08/09/2022 - 01:03   File size: 101.38 KB

V1.0.0: Fixed visual bugs with Titanium Armor