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Alex's Mod, the mod that is very multiplayer based which is both fun and also very random. It contains a ton of fun and cool items, mobs, and. blocks. It also adds more progression after the Ender Dragon is defeated. 

It adds...

12 Bosses.

A TON of different weapons ranging from swords, guns, and magic.

3 Planets accessed by finding asteroids that represent them in space.

A WIP Lore Story.

8 Armor Sets.

2 Music Discs

Stamina, Mana, and Soul Power Stats.

A lot of dimensions.

A lot of structures.

Accessories that when inventory, they provide bonuses.

I even added a plane because who wouldn't want that?


Here are a few boss fights from the mod if you're interested!


I really recommend you check out this mod. :)

- Alex Gaming

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