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Published by That4ndy on Tue, 09/06/2022 - 16:14
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This is the first and only mode created with a Colombian theme so far, it represents everything that the outside world sees and the interior of this country full of culture but that is never promoted. I hope you like it :3. This is a beta, I'm going to update the errors and put more things xd. You can join the reddit r/colombian_mod if you want to contribute something to the mod or you can also send me a message on my ig @andrewortiz.

This mod contains:

- Weapons and typical tools of Colombia (Machete, potato bomb, etc..)

- Typical Colombian costumes (Guaracha glasses, Voltiao hat, etc..)

- Food and typical crops of Colombia (Yucca, Coffee, Mata de coca, etc..)

- Emblematic Colombian characters (Tombos, Paracos, Ñeros, etc..)


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