D-Days Extened

Published by D-Day on Thu, 09/15/2022 - 00:54
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D-Days extended minecraft adds a whole new level of fun to be had, With a bunch of weapons ranging from simple daggers to a sword made of of a rare unknown crystal, you will find yourself enjoying this mod but be aware there is now a new threat to come face. Do you have what it takes?

What the mod includes

  • New weapons to use like daggers ,maces and even a magma sword
  • New food items and trees that spawn around your world
  • New Mobs for you to fight or tame
  • New Ores to be mined
  • Copper , lapis and emerald can be made into weapons tools and armour
  • Five New Biomes to explore

Do note that this is my first mod, if you have any questions or concerns or any known bugs please let me know in the comments 

Modification files
ddays extened.jarUploaded on: 10/02/2022 - 00:27   File size: 7.05 MB