Armor & Tools by Yura

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This Mod adds to your Forge 1.16.5 4 different ores in different dimensions!

Copper Ore: a bit worse than Iron;

Ametyst Ore: a bit better than Iron;

Demandoite Ore: almost like Diamonds;

Flamerite Ore: (spawns in the Nether) better than Diamonds, gives you Fire Resistance while wearing, you can also craft a Flamerite Gun that shoots with Magma Bullets;

Also a new enchantment: Miner. With it you can mine 3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7 (depends on level), but you can use it only with SuperPickaxes, that can be crafted with ore blocks;

Obsidian Tools and Armor: almost unbreakable Iron tools;

OP armor: can't be crafted, gives you all positive effects while wearing;

P.S. I suggest you to use JEI to look for crafting recipes

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