Celestial World

Published by Pexuls on Fri, 05/12/2023 - 20:08
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Mod Requires Geckolib and Curios Bauble:

Celestial World is a modification for Minecraft that introduces a plethora of custom-made dimensions, each filled with a cornucopia of novel content waiting to be discovered. These dimensions are replete with mystical creatures, fantastic landscapes, and unique biomes, all designed to offer players a refreshing and immersive gameplay experience. In these dimensions, players are tasked with facing off against new and challenging enemies, navigating through a maze of obstacles, uncovering rare resources and powerful artifacts to aid in their journey and includes a variety of secrets to uncover, new bosses and mobs to battle, and the ability to upgrade gear and items to defeat the dimensions that come next in progression. 

To help players on their quest, Celestial World introduces a vast array of new items, weapons, and tools that offer unique benefits and advantages over those found in the vanilla game. Additionally, the mod introduces new enchantments and potions that players can use to enhance their abilities and gain an edge in battle.

The vivid and otherworldly aesthetic of Celestial World draws players into a captivating and immersive Minecraft experience that transcends the boundaries of the standard game. With the Celestial Elytra, a novel item that allows players to warp to different parts of the world by reaching certain points in the sky, players can explore the vast expanse of this new world with ease.



          (credits to furfsky reborn for some of the textures)

Celestial World - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

Modification files
1.04celw.zip - DownloadLinkUploaded on: 05/29/2023 - 14:43   File size: 251 bytes

1.04 Update Changelogs:
Added Starry Painting and Vortex Painting
Added Flora Binding Ring, Flora Vortex Ring and Flora Light Ring.
Added among us.
Added Flora Candy.
Added Vortex Soul, Vortex Shards, Vortex Heart and Vortex Charge.
Added Vortex Eye, Vortex Axe, Vortex Sword, Vortex Shovel, Vortex Hoe and Vortex Pickaxe.
Added Vortex Armor Set (with custom texture.)
Added Vortex Grass and Dirt.
Added New Key bind (R, Vortex Eye Ability.)
Added Vortex Trident.
Added Spear Loyalty Game Rule.
Added Three new Vortex Advancements.
Added Vortex Wood Set (already existed but i changed all the textures.)
Added Recipes for all new items.
Added Heart of The Vortex Entity (sucks players and items/entities in.)
Changed Advancements GUI
Fixed some of the damage and durability values on Flora armor and tools/weapons.
Fixed flora seed right clicking issue.
Changed Star Of Light Texture.
Fixed some of the issues with the book of teleportation Relic.
Changed "Constellation Dirt" and "Constellation Grass" to "Starry Dirt" and "Starry Grass" respectively.
Fixed the Galactic Grabber portal texture.
Changed the Flora Armor Texture.
Added Functionality to the Stars, (made them creative usage only.)
Changed Mod Logo in-game.

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