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Posted by: ToyChicaMangle
File size: 2.05 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 694
Mod changelog:

Extreme Animals 1.0.2 Changelog

- New Biome!
   - Tundra Biome with a new block "Permafrost"
   - Spawns Reindeers, Seals, Polar Bears, Strays, and more!

- New Animal
   - Musk Ox
     - Mob Armor, Tools, and Special Weapon NOT added
        - Will be added with the official 1.1.0 release
        - 5 more animals will come in the official update

- Removed "Book Of Animals" as it was just a mess

- Temporarily removed Extreme Mouseyite Armor effects

- Ended the Halloween Event

- Flying mobs are now grounded, this will be fixed with a model update

Coming to 1.1.0:
- 5 more animals to add to the new Tundra Biome
- "Extreme" Animals [Gecko -> Skunk]
- Bosses [Armadillo -> Reindeer]
- Another new type of animals [Mouse]
   - Information to be released soon


Known bugs:
- Animal ores require animal tools to mine
- Mouseyite ingot is duplicatable
- Goat's ears are not animated
- Tundra has rain for precipitation
- Tundra will be turned to snow and permafrost, instead of grass and permafrost
- Lion's Nobility and Fox's Pride do not break
- Ancient Animal Drops only give 1 item per block


- Mirrored tools and armor crafting recipes
- Gave Lion's Nobility, Fox's Pride, Tiger's Eye, and Extreme Mouseyite Armor their effects back
- Throwable weapons stack up to 16

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