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Posted by: AOCAWOL
File description: Biomes You Go 1.6.5 for Minecraft Version 1.12.2
File size: 25.96 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 984
Mod changelog:

Changelog 1.6.8
-Revamped 'Whispering Woods' (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Renamed 'Paper Birch Forest' to 'Aspen Forest'
-Added Aspen leaves
-Added Aspen Log
-Added Aspen Planks
-Added Aspen Bookshelf
-Added Aspen Sapling
(Dev Notes: I felt that the paper birch forest really confused players because yellow birch leaves's sapling would grow trees from the paper birch forest so I wanted to seperate them so yellow birch saplings could be regular)
-Added 'Pine Lowlands' biome
-Added 'Stone Brushlands' biome
-Added 'Bluff Mountains' biome
-Revamped 'Zelkova Forest' biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Evergreen Taiga biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Great Oak Lowlands' biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Eucalyptus Tropics' biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Retextured Meadow Grass to match meadow colors
-Retextured Pasture Grass to match stellata pasture colors
-Retextured Sandy Grass to match lush desert colors
-Revamped 'Maple Taiga' (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Cika Forest' (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Mangrove Marshes' (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Redwood Tropics' (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Cherry Grove' (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Ebony Woods' (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Increased tree density of 'Boreal Forest'
-Added Pink, Purple, and Light Blue sand (comes with sandstone varients)
-Added 'Tropical Islands' Biome [Warm]
-Added 'Cypress Swamplands' Biome [Warm]
-Added 'Outlands' [Desert]
-Added 'Red Outlands' [Desert]
-Adjusted Water Color for majority of biomes
-Added 'Cypress Outpost' structure (Cypress Swamplands)
-Fixed Deciduous & Seasonal Deciduous Villages
-Added Palm Log
-Added Palm Leaves
-Added Palm Planks
-Added Palm Bookshelf
-Added Palm Sapling
-Added Mahogany Log
-Added Mahogany Leaves
-Added Mahogany Planks
-Added Mahogany Bookshelf
-Added Mahogany Sapling
-Added Palm Trees to 'Tropical Islands' biome and Vanilla Beaches
-Revamped 'Tropical Rainforest' biome (Now uses Mahogany & StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Tropical Mountains' biome (Now Uses Mahogany & StructurCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Tropical Islands' biome (Now Uses Mahogany, Palm & StructurCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Dead Sea' biome
-Revamped 'Enchanted Forest' Biome (Now includes Green Enchanted Log in tree variants & uses StuctureCheckBlock!)
-Revamped 'Enchanted Village' Structure
-Lowered Quagmire island plates by 1 block
-Added 'Quagmire Village' Structure
-Revamped 'Seasonal Taiga' Biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Bayou Village' Structure
-Revamped 'Bayou Witch Hut' Structure
-Added Small Spruce Trees to 'Dover Mountains'
-Revamped 'Blue Taiga' Biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Weeping Witch Forest' Biome
-Revamped 'Weeping Witch Hut' Structure
-Retextured "Amaranth"
-Added "Cyan Amaranth"
-Added "Purple Amaranth"
-Added "Magenta Amaranth"
-Added "Orange Amaranth"
-Added "Amaranth Fields" Biome
-Retextured "Dead Grass"
-Added "Short Dead Grass"
-Added "Prairie Grass"
-Retextured "Hardened Dirt"
-Added 'Cracked Sand'
-Added 'Red Cracked Sand'
-Retextured 'Black Sandstone'
-Removed Corn
(I really wanted to add this but I've been experiencing difficulty after difficulty with it so Corn might return in the future but for now its going)
-Added 'Giant Blue Spruce Taiga' Biome
-Renamed "Maple Forst" to "Maple Taiga"
-Revamped "Allium Fields" (Now has like a lot of Allium!)
-Added "White Skyris" Leaves
-Added "White Apple Skyris Leaves"
-Added "White Apple"
(If you plant a Skyris Sapling at Y100 or above it will grow a White Skyris Tree)
-Added "Giant Seasonal Spruce Taiga" Biome
-Revamped Glowshrooms as a whole
(now uses a custom 3D model and has more varients to it!)
-Revamped 'Bayou' Biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Glowshroom Bayou' Biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Woodlands' Biome (Now Uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Adjusted the heights of various biome
(I felt that biomes like Great Oak Lowands, and other swampy kind of biomes didn't feel very boggy as they were about the same height as everything else. So all the biomes have been significantly raised, the higher a biome's temperature, the higher it will be now)
-Adjusted Biome Colors (again)
(Biomes now have a more vanilla like foilage color to them like Bayou having the same color as Swamplands, and Red Oak Forest having the same color as a Forest biome)
-Fixed 'Baobab Savanna' Biome
-Removed Search Bar from BYG Tab (it was kinda annoying in my opinion)
-Revamped Bookshelf Textures
-Revamped Pine Mountains (Now uses StructureCheckBlock so no more floating trees!)
-Revamped Sepinite Textures
-Revamped Scoria Textures
-Added Scoria Pillars
-Revamped Soapstone Textures
-Added Soapstone Pillars
-Added Soapstone Tile
-Revamped Sodalite Textures
-Revamped Mud Textures
-Revamped Pendorite Ore Texture
-Revamped Latharium Ore & Gems Textures
(I felt a lot of the ores and stones in the mod were very similar and didn't look unique so I spruced them up abit and hopefully the stones look more aligned to the new textures and dullness/quality of 1.14)
-Revamped Baobab Powder Texture
-Revamped 'Coniferous Forest' biome (Now uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Revamped 'Frosty Forest' biome (Now uses StructureCheckBlock)
-Pillars now use Log Rotation as well :)
-Updated Corn & Corn Stalk textures
(Corn is now a crop! Plant on on farmland and watch it grow, can also be right-clicked like all BYG crops so no need to break it for harvest!)
-Revamped ALL stone types inregards to their code, spawning, and formatting
(Previous Sepinite, Scoria, Soapstone, & Sodalite will not be compatible with previous as their format has be remade to be cleaner and their generation was causing a lot of lag and thus have been reduced heavily, their blast resistance, and hardness have all been remde to mirror normal Stone hardness & resistance)
Sepinite: Spawns at Y60-255 (Dover Mountains)
Scoria: Spawns at Y1-15 (Overworld)
Soapstone: Spawns at Y16-21 (Overworld)
Sodalite: Spawns at Y45-180 (Desert Biomes)
-Reworked the Light Opacity for BYG blocks (For example, light will no longer go though stones, and logs, etc.)
-Removed Dimension Related Content (Will be an Addon)
-Removed 'Bamboo Forest' Biome
-Removed Bamboo Log
-Removed Bamboo Planks
-Removed Bamboo Sapling
-Removed Bamboo Leaves
-Removed Bamboo Bookshelf
-Removed Bamboo Slab
(As 1.14 has added Bamboo I would rather get rid of this biome now then to deal with it later)
-Added 'Dover Mountains' Biome {Cold} (WIP)
-Removed ALL BYG Stairs
(Previously uncraftable but now they have been completly removed)
-Retextured Peat Grass & Dirt
-Retextured Sandy Grass & Dirt
-Removed Peat Grass spawns from multiple biomes
-Revamped biome colors for various biomes
-Added Vanilla Villages to various biomes
-Added Stronghold Spawns to various biomes
-Decreased the spawnrate of biomes as when put with other mod would overpower them
-Biome names are now a lot cleaner (ex: instead of 'bcikaforest' it is now 'Cika Forest')
-Added Log Rotation to all BYG logs
-Plants aren't super huge and 3D anymore
-All biomes share a universal sky color except for:
Skyris Highlands
Enchanted Forest
-Added Fir Sapling
-Fixed Snowy Coniferous Forest
-Added a recipe for Rocky Stone (Some of you guys liked it for decor so enjoy)
(If you are on Normal or Hard the dead sea will now provide a Blindess to players who enter it during the Daytime, this allows the Dead Sea to be a more mysterious & protecting biome) (will also not apply the effect if you are in Creative or Spectator Mode as well)
-Changed Abyss dimension ID to -5
-Changed Stellaris dimension ID to -15
(WARNING: old worlds will simply regenerate the dimension so take all your belongings out before updating!)
-Adjusted Hardness & Blast Resistance of all BYG blocks to be more aligned with their corresponding vanilla blocks (ex: byg planks use to be set to 1 hardness while vanilla planks are set to 2)
-Revamped Starwater & Voidwater
-Revamped Skyris Highlands (Now uses StructureCheckBlock so no more floating trees!)

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