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Posted by: Goldorion
File description: Farm Adventure 1.12.2- 3.0.2
File size: 2.61 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 555
Mod changelog:

Hello everyone !

=|= Version 1-14.4-3.1.0=|= (01-03-2020)

Bug Fixes:

- Custom root advancements had broken background image

- Evergreen Forest had the wrong tree type.

- Some other bug fixes (I don't remember all bug fixes.)


=|= Version 1-14.4-3.1.0-Beta 3 =|= It is surely the last Beta version before the release.

- [#2] Advancements didn't work

- Custom dimensions didn't load

- Trees of Autumn Forest Biom didn't have leaves.

-Some other minor bug fixes and changes


=|= Version 1-14.4-3.1.0-Beta 2 =|=

Bug fixes :

  • - [#1] Recipe of the Forge 2.0 didn't have an output.
  • - Switching to custom dimension did not show a loading screen
  • - Dimensions or biomes with custom mobs set to spawn in crashed the game
  • - Custom living entities always showed tag names above them
  • - Blocks and plants with no custom drop and drop amount of 1 dropped nothing when broken
  • - Potion effects rendered broken texture behind their icons


=|= Version 1-14.4-3.2.0-Beta 1 =|=

Updated for the 1.14.4

Some minor big fixes and changes


=|= Version 3.0.2 =|=

  • Add some elements to the OreDict
  • Some changes wih plants


=|= Version 3.0.1 =|=

Bug Fixes :

  • Custom Creatives Tabs didn't show.


=|= Version 3.0.0 =|=

Features :

  • Added 30 new dungeons structures (Zombies, Husk, Skeleton, Stray, Witch and Spider)
  • Added support of Ore Dictionnary
  • Added support of Biome Dictionnary
  • Added some minor features

Changes :

  • Changes ID of every elements with "Rubis" or "Rubi" for "Rubis"
  • Some minor changes

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed the name of "Rubis" element. It s now "Ruby..."


=|= Version 2.3.0 - A Bug Fixe Update (Last Update before the 3.0) =|=

Change :

  • Rename biome "Big Moutain" into "Bug Moutain and Floating Islands"
  • Reducing the power of the Explosion magic Power.


Bug Fixes :

  • Black and White Hat didn't have the good rotation.
  • Correction of the texture of the Explosion Magic Power.
  • Change "...cheanged to " into "...changed to " when right clicking on the Respawn Block.


Thanks to Loic_MaitreDuFeu to report me this bugs.

=|= Version 2.2.0 (Bug Fixes and Changes) =|=

Features :

  • Added a search bar to the Creatives Tabs (Resources and Others Only)

Changes :

  • Remove Emerald Chest
  • Remove Creative Tab "Foods". Change items to "Others" tab
  • Change id of Fries. It's now "fries", and not "frites"
  • Change all items of "Weapons and Tools" Tab to "Resources" Tab
  • Renaming Creative Tabs to "FA Resources", "FA Blocks", and "FA Others"
  • Changing max duration Dragonium Bow to 20 000
  • Increase a little bit the Dragonium Hammer's efficiency
  • Dragonium Hammer is now in 3x1x3 (Length x Width x Height)
  • Changes ALL IDs of mod elements
  • Change all "Saphir..." elements to "Sapphire..."
  • Some other minor changes


Bug Fixes :

  • Goldorion Boss didn'' t show properly.
  • Water Power made the game crash.
  • Ether Power didn't work properly.
  • Some mobs still had the Villager Interface.
  • When player didn't have permissions, some blocks didn't work properly.
  • English spelling errors fixed
  • Some other minor bug fixes.

=|= Version 2.1.0 =|=

Features :

  • Added GUI for crafts in Forge 2.0 and Crafting Table 2.0 with every crafts possible.
  • Added 5 Potions effects for each element. (Right clcick on the element, but Caution, Fire Power is not with Fire Element).
  • Added craft for the Chocolate Cake


Changes :

  • Remove all custom musics
  • Remove Cooker 3000
  • Changes craft place of custom foods of Cooker 3000 to Crafting Table (Vanilla)
  • Changes some craft of foods
  • Some other minors changes

Bug Fixes :

  • Some minor bug fixes


=|= Version 2.0.1 =|=

Features :

  • Elemental Boss are now immunise to one or more things. (Earth Boss : Cactus and Lightning, Air Boss : Arrows and Fall damages, Water Boss : Drowning, Fire Boss : Fire, and Ether Boss : Fire, Arrows, Fall Damages, Cactus, Drowning, Lightnings, and Potions.

Changes :

  • Armors have now custom name, and not (ex : Rubis Armor Helmet).
  • Changes some French translations
  • Some minor changes


BugFixes :

  • Every biomes have now a custom name
  • Magic Leaves and Japan leaves have now transparency.
  • Some blocks and items have new id (like farm_adventure:name).
  • Some minor bugfixes

=|= Version 2.0.0 (An Adventure and Biosphere Update) =|=

Features :

  • Adding new Adventurer Armor (scuba helmet, angel wings, Speedy Gonzales’ Pants and Rabbit boots)
  • Adding raw primordial elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • Adding primordial elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether)
  • Adding Elemental Dimensions
  • Adding Dwellers of the elemental dimensions (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • Adding Elemental Boss (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • Added Biomes : 
    • Big Mountains
    • Mesa Desert
    • Japan
    • Magic Forest
    • Tundra
    • Alpine Tundra
    • Polar Desert
    • Arid Desert
    • Arid Steppe
    • Evergreen Forest
    • Mountain Forest
    • Small Trees Forest
    • Medium Trees Forest
    • Medium Oaks Forest
    • Savanna and Clear Forest


  • Added Vegetation Blocks :
    • Magic Leaves
    • Magic Log
    • Magic Planks
    • Japanese Leaves


  • Added Custom Musics :
    • Ambiant 1
    • Ambiant 2
    • Ambiant 3
    • Desert Caravan
    • Ebby


  • Added new Commands :
    • /sethome (Create a home (You can create only one home.)
    • /home (Teleport to your home)
  • Added Jewelry Table (You can use it for transform yours raw elements in “normal” element (refined), and you have to use it for craft Ether Element)
  • Added red oak leaves, orange oak leaves, and yellow oak leaves


Changes :

  • New 3D Model for Crafting Table 2.0
  • Changing craft for Crafting Table 2.0
  • Changing Maximal damages that armors absorbs change for Titanium Armor, Saphir Armor, Rubis Armor and Dragonium Armor
  • Changing of differents values of Dragonium Armor
  • Changing efficiency and enchantability values of titanium, saphir, and rubis for tools and swords
  • Changing max duration Dragonium Bow for 15 000
  • Decrease of the bullets knockback of titanium, saphir, rubis and dragonium bows
  • Saphir Ore now span in ocean and frozen ocean biomes
  • Rubis ore now spawn in Savanna, Mutated Savanna, Savanna Rock, and Mutated Savanna Rock biomes.
  • Renaming Forge V2 for Forge 2.0
  • Last Boss :
    • Changing skin and model
    • Renaming of Last Boss for Goldorion Boss.
    • Changing achievement for Goldorion Boss.
    • Changing main drop
    • Removed Ether Dimension for a Overworld biome. (Do you like the exploration because it’s a very rare biome. ;))
  • Change of some Creative Tab pictures
  • Change of Aliens’ names
  • Removal Obsidian Biome and Big Ocean
  • Removal Yellow Alien
  • Remove all potions of the mod
  • Lot of changes in the French translations.
  • Changes a lot of Advancements and remove some others.
  • Some other minor changes.


Bugfixes :

  • Tab Others was named Farm AdventureOothers
  • Forge 2.0 didn’t have rotation in inventory.
  • Purple Alien didn’t have a “P” in the name.
  • Cokker 3000 and Forge 2.0 don't have textures
  • Many translations weren't deleted.
  • Some French translations was missing.
  • Removing useless translations (in the files of the mod)
  • Some other minor bug fixes.

Enjoy with Farm Adventure, and continu the Adventure !


P-S : I wish you a good time with it, and I want your feedback, your opinions, and your suggestions.


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