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Posted by: rjc22222
File description: The Extar Adventure Mod 1.1.0 (.zip)
File size: 1.87 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 448
Mod changelog:

Version 1.1.0

-- Changed more textures!

-- New dimension to explore, along with a new tool set, a new armor set, and 3 new entities!

-- Removed the Volcanic Plains dimension.

-- Some boss changes.

-- New meteor thing!



-- Fixed block interactions (hopefully)

-- Changed magmite tool recipes

-- Increased size of death sword visually

-- Bipex wears iron armor, but deals 2 extra damage

-- All crafting recipes that aren't supposed to be only one way are now no longer one way (Example: tools, bricks, armor)

-- Bipex minion summoning chance is now dependent on difficulty

-- Other bosses have a health buff


The Real Version 1.0.9

-- Rename from "The Extar Mod" to "The Extar Adventure"

-- Mod moved to MCreator 1.8.1

-- Higher Forge Requirement...

-- Upgraded Sandstone Tools a little.

-- Death Shards and Ingots used to craft the Death Tools

-- Advancement Tweaks

-- Mossy Extnime Blocks

-- Extnime Cauldron (Just for show right now.)

-- Logs are rotatable now. (Credit belongs to: Nuparu00)

-- Molten Extar found in the nether

-- New textures for some blocks, items, mobs, and an armor set.

-- Extar Extractor (Work In Progress)

-- Fixed Elemental Plants (They have a proper growth system and they have actually good icons)

-- Cleaned the lang file and renamed some things.

-- Buffed Final Boss a bit

-- Got rid of all structures and made a new one.

-- Added new command to ban Extar Extractor usage


Version 1.0.8

-- Flame Amber Ore and Extar Ore now generate in nether

-- Sandstone Tools...


Version 1.0.7

-- Renamed Frozen Wood to Permafrost Wood

-- Added new ore

-- Changed look and recipe of "Staff of Flames"


Version 1.0.6

-- Fixed the extar portal frame spawning... again.


Version 1.0.5

-- Oceans in the extar

-- Fixed Ender Spider and Undead Pig hitboxes.

-- The Extar is a bit taller.

-- Chorus Wood Sword deals 1 less damage.


Version 1.0.4

-- New trees for extar biomes

-- New tool sets corresponding to New trees.

-- Bicrystal item that drops from Bicrystal block

-- Improved Obsidian decoration recipies

-- Fixed "Extar Mount" From spawning in the overworld.


Version 1.0.3

-- Final Boss has a surprise!

-- Obsidian decoration

-- New final tool set

-- Three new advancements!

-- Wither Bone


Version 1.0.2

-- Fixed the extar portal frame spawning.


Version 1.0.1

-- Added new mob: "Extar Golem" (Neutral), All Extar-related mobs attack Extar Golem

-- Updated metal brick textures.

-- Rare chance to find an extar portal frame underground.

-- Updated Elite Wither Skeleton texture.

-- Monsters in The Extar are more aggressive.

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