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Posted by: xDovah
File description: Version 1.7.1 - Last Release for Minecraft 1.12.2
File size: 5.84 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 408
Mod changelog:


1.7 Beta Release Changelog:

Last Update for 1.12.2.


⦁    Added Smithing Table. Vanilla Minecraft Swords, Pickaxes and Axes can now be reforged to become stronger tools, up to +5 per tool. Shovels and Hoes are omitted from this, as they are neither combat oriented nor used for mining any important materials for tools.
⦁    Added Smoker. The Smoker can only smelt raw foods. Appropriate fuels are Coal, Charcoal and Block of Coal.
⦁    Added Gunpowder Ore. Will explode upon mining.
⦁    Added Lithium Ore. Contents are required for Nano Cells and can only be found in the Nazarr Dimension.
⦁    Added Nano Cells and Nano Cores, a very strong fuel capable of lasting for a whole Minecraft hour. Nano Cells are required to craft Nano Cores. Only used for vanilla Furnaces for now.
(72,000 Ticks = 60 real minutes)
⦁    Added Stripped Wood. Currently unavailable until I can find a workaround for Vanilla tool use actions.
⦁    Added Hard Magenta Glass, a block that was not present before due to an oversight.
⦁    Added recipe for Nightstone Brick.
⦁    Added Command:

/ar Usage = Displays your current Armor Rating.


⦁    Buffed Hard Oil's cook time to 30,000 ticks (was 18,000), making Hard Oil the longest natural fuel in the game.
⦁    Changed Reforge Table’s crafting recipe.
⦁    Changed Blessed Apple's Strength effect with Absorption.
⦁    Changed Cobalt Ore's texture.
⦁    Wither Golem can now be hostile. Just don't punch him.
⦁    Changed Nether Gold Sword and Nether Iron Sword textures in preparation of the “Reforge System”.
⦁    Replaced the Sky Dimension with the new Phabos Dimension, a new Nether-Like Dimension, just harder.
⦁    Renamed "Scaffold Block" to simply "Scaffold".
⦁    Renamed all "StoneIron" blocks to "Stiron", a combination of Stone and Iron.
⦁    Renamed "Soggy Brick" to "Pale Brick".
⦁    Renamed "Bricked Iron" to "Biron".
⦁    Renamed "Iron Topped Brick" to "Irbrick".
⦁    Renamed "NightBrick" to "Nightstone Brick".
⦁    Renamed "Fake Redstone Ore" to "Fakestone Ore".
⦁    Ore generation has been altered drastically to compensate for the Reforge System.
⦁    Modified monster spawns.
⦁    Removed Herobrine.

⦁    BUGFIX: Knowledge Book's texture has been fixed. (Internal error)
⦁    Enderium Pickaxe's ability now overrides fall damage to be significantly less.
⦁    Fixed a testing issue with Lithium Ore crashing the game when broken.


Easter Eggs / References:
⦁    The Reforge System’s tool ranking is reminiscent to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s improvement system, as there are six stages of improvement: Fine, Superior, Exquisite, Flawless, Epic and Legendary.


Update 1.7.1 Beta

Hotfix Version

Fixed an issue where the Smithing Table could be crafted in anyway, given the player has the ingredients.
Fixed the Phabos Ignitor not having a recipe. Now requires 4x Oil Deposit and 1x Ruby in a cross-shaped recipe.
Fixed the Smelter not having a recipe. Now follows the recipes given in Minecraft Java edition 1.14.
Fixed Blast Furnace and Smoker's textures.
Fixed Blast Furnace and Smoker's GUI graphics.

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