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Posted by: Tuki 812004
File description: Alpha 0.3
File size: 890.06 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 506
Mod changelog:

Alpha 0.1

Officially Published

Alpha 0.2

-Added the saw mill which turn wood into wood planks, and planks into sticks

-Grinder can now grind sugarcane, bone and blaze rod

-Freezer can now make packed ice from ice

-Changed some recipes

-Oak Trees are no longer spawn in the Glacier Dimension

-Glacial Grass and Glacial Flora will now spawn in clumps

-Stone Grinder and Coal Generator can now use Charcoal as fuel

-Fixed the critical bug which makes machines eat up resources without creating any product when the output slots are full

-Changed some textures

Alpha 0.3

-Changed some textures

-Changed some recipes

-Added a new biomes in the Glacier Dimension: Glacial Wood Forest (Plain and Hill), which have Mud Chunk on their surface

-Added Glacial Wood Tree, which spawn in the Glacial Wood Forest Biome and its sapling

-Added Cryo Grass and Trio Grass, which also spawn in the Glacial Wood Forest Biome

-Added Marble and Limestone, which generated below the new forest biome.

Alpha 0.4

-Glacial wood saplings are now able to be fermented with bone meal

-Added Spike structures which formed from Glacial Stone will now spawn in the glacier biome

-Added Blast Furnace Tier 1 and 2, Grinder, Alloy Furnace, Steam Generator (upgraded Coal Generator) Tier 2

-Added Silver Ore which spawn in the Glacier Forest Hill and Glacier Biome,Glacial Gold Ore which spawn in the underground Glacial Stone Chunk, though the gold ores are quite rare

-Added some building blocks

-Greatly reduced the spawn rate of the Glacier Shrine (from 3000 to 1000) so that it won’t be too easy to get to the Glacier, and it will now spawn in the sky

-Make Frostium Spawn in every biome in the Glacier

-Rebuilt the base of the Glacier Shrine and reduce the amount of its treasure

-Reduced the amount of alloy created by mixing the dust

-Bug Fixed: Grinder produce sugar from nothing, and Grinder can no longer make sugar because the Mcreator’s sugarcane item is bugged

-Changed some recipes, textures and machine GUIs


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