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Posted by: crispy_chips1234
File description: Beta Build 1.0.1(recomended)#
File size: 631.67 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 235
Mod changelog:

v1.1 The Blocky Update 175+ elements


-flaming zombie:

-flaming zombie now only spawn in volcanic ruins

-flaming zombie now can be instantly killed when attacked when in water

-flaming zombie can now ignite the player when touching

-Immune to fire


-flaming skeleton(NEW):

-have similar attributes to flaming zombie(water attacking, ignite player)

-has biped model because my skeleton model won't render bows (will be fixed in future)

-spawn in volcanic ruins

-attack is the exact same as vanilla skeleton, but will ignite players that collide with them

-40 health

-Immune to fire

-Scared to wolves and dogs


-Kablam!(Explosive zombie)(NEW)

-10 health

-faster than vanilla zombie

-4 damage(Melee)

-Small explosion upon death-- still very dangerous!

-drops tnt

-Immune to cactus



-changed texture of some miners


-see description


Pyrite-- A yellow crystal that can be found as a rare ore or fused on the fusion crafter(lol unrealistic). Can be used to make pyrite bricks<-- Has 4 varieties, but 3 of them are uncraftable. One of it does not have a different name. Will be fixed in the next update. And there is a glass version. Known bugs: the ore won't generate for some reason.

Crystal of Color-- A color changing "pretty" crystal that can be made in the advanced alloy smelter by inputing Diamond, Emerald, and pyrite(In that order lol). Can be used to make a powerful armor stronger than diamond

Chromium-- smelted by chromium ore(requires diamond pickaxe, smelted in advanced alloy smelter). Can be used to make stainless steel.

Stainless Steel-- Just like steel, But more durability than diamond!!(well, will be changed to more than iron in the next update)


-Advacned Alloy Smelter

-Used to Smelt some advanced alloys like chromium. Recipes in description

-Now Pyrite, Bronze, Brass, Steel have block forms

v1.0.1 Stuff Bugfix 1 100+ elements
Bug fixes

-added recipes for the brass hammer and the fusion crafter

-I didnt change the problem about hammer form due to mcreator's limits XD

v1.0 The Stuff Update 100+ elements
known bugs:

fusion crafter cannot be crafted

sometimes when you change form of hammer, it will go to other places in the inventory

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