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Posted by: MarionLOVESKPOP28PH
File description: Enhanced Vanilla - 1.0 Snapshot 20w20a (Forge
File size: 638.18 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 576
Mod changelog:

Enhanced Vanilla

Snapshot 20w20a

===== Changelog =====

= Added Setts and Variants (Cracked, Mossy, Slabs, Stairs and Walls)

 - Setts are blocks mainly used for paths in Medieval Builds.

 - Setts are crafted using 4 Stone Bricks in a 2x2 Crafting Grid.

 - This Feature was based on a suggestion.

= Added Mud

 - Mud Blocks generate in Swamps.

 - Mud Blocks drop Mud Balls when broken.

= Added Mud Bricks and Variants (Cracked, Chiseled, Slabs, Stairs and Walls)

 - Crafted using 4 Mud Brick

 - Mud Brick can be crafted by smelting Mud Balls in a Furnace

= Added Tanbark 

- Tanbarks can be used as Fuel

 - Tanbarks can be crafted using 2 Stripped Log and 2 Log in a checkerboard pattern.

 - This Featured was based on a suggestion.

= Added Dried Wheat

 - Dried Wheat can be used to craft Thatches.

 - Smelting Wheat in a Furnace will give you Dried Wheat.

= Added Thatch

 - It can be Used for Roofing.

 - Smelting Hay Bales in a Furnace will give you Thatch.

 - Comes in Stairs and Slab Forms

 - Crafted using 4 Dried Wheat in a 2x2 Grid.

= Added Charred Nether Bricks

 - Crafted using 4 Charred Nether Brick in a Crafting Grid.

 - Smelting Nether Brick in a Furnace gives you the Charred Variant.

 - Comes in Stairs, Slab, Walls, Fence Forms.

= Added 4 New Flowers (Paeonia, Helianthus, Syringa, and Rose)

 - Can be crafted into respective dye colors

 - Helianthus generates in the plains biome.

 - Paeonia, Syringa, and Roses generate in Forest Biomes.

= Added Soft Sandstone

 - A Decoration block atm.

 - Crafted with 4 Smooth Sandstone.

= Added Death Cap Mushroom

 - Currently unobtainable, it will generate in ruins soon.

 - When consumed, it will give the player Strenght and Speed.

 - Credits for the Texture which is from the MC Dungeons wiki.

 - It can be planted soon with a unique 3d model.

= Flowers are now pottable

= Flowers can now be pollinated by Bees

= Added Tags (finally!!)

= Reduced each Biome Size.

= Added Archer Tower Structure

= Added Chaparral Biome.

 - The Chaparral Biome generates with Small Shrubs and Bushes.

 - A rare biome.

= Added Recipes for Enchanted Golden Apple, Grass Block, Nametag, Saddle, and Cobwebs. (More Recipes coming soon)**

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