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Posted by: Fred_
File description: Newerite Mod Version 1.5.1 Colorful Update
File size: 876.23 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 169
Mod changelog:

Changelog For Version 1.6.1:


Texture: All items and blocks have changed textures.

Removed Things:

Newerite Sandstone wall removed.

New Features:

Fish buckets can be used in the freezer.


Changelog For Version 1.5.1:

New Items:

Super Dyes: This Dyes Helps To Make Colorful Planks. Put a Newerite To Middle Of Crafting Table and Put Dyes Around of Newerite

New Blocks:

Colorful Planks: The Colored Wood Planks Yaay.

Colorful Stairs: Colorful Stairs Made Of Colorful Planks.

Colorful Fences: Colorful Fences Made Of Colorful Planks


Changelog For Version 1.5.Beta.2:

New Blocks Variations:

Colored Stairs - New Variations of Colored Stairs added


Changelog For Version 1.5.Beta:

Super Dyes: This Dyes Helps To Make Colorful Planks. Put a Newerite To Middle Of Crafting Table and Put Dyes Around of Newerite

Colorful Planks: The Colored Wood Planks Yaay.

Colorful Stairs And Fences : Colorful Stairs And Fence Made Of Colorful Planks. (In This Beta There Is Only Red And Blue Variations)


Changelog For Version 1.4.1:


Newomo's Model changed to Player Model.

New Item:

Core Of Freezer - Core Part Of Freezer

New Block:

Freezer - Freezer Helps to Make Ice. Just Right Click to Freezer With Water Bucket.


Changelog For Version 1.3.1:


Bug 5 - RailRoads Now Flammable.

Bug 6 - Dynamite can only be used once.

Bug 7 - All Mod's Crafting Recipes Now Have Own Slots


Rails!! - Craft 16 rails for this advancement.

Craft the Rail Roads (18x) - Craft Rail Roads For This Advancement

Mini Boom And Super Boom - Craft Dynamite and Super TNT.

Find 2nd Newest - Collect Ruby Ore.


Changelog For Version 1.2.2:

Bug 3 - Ruby Ore Now Naturally Generating.

Bug 4 - Mod's Blocks Now Have Colors on the Map,


Changelog For Version 1.2.1:

New Items:

Ruby - Material Found In End

Dynamite - Throwable TNT. Powerful as half of TNT.

New Blocks:

Ruby Block - A block of Ruby

Ruby Ore - Ore Of Ruby

Super Tnt - Powerful than TNT 3 times TNT. Craftable with Ruby.


Changelog For Verison 1.1.2:


Bug 1 - Leggings Texture Fixed

Bug 2 - Block Names Fixed


Turkish - Turkish Language Support has added.


Changelog For Version 1.1.1:

New Items:

Newerite Trident Head: You can make a Trident with this item

Newerite Trident: A Trident Made of Newerite. Doesn't Drop Down When We Hit the Player. There is a 45% percent chance to drop when hits entity. It always drop when hits block.


Changelog For Version 1.0.1:

New Material:

Newerite - You can find this Material in the end

New Items:

Newerite Tools - These tools better than diamond.

Golden Stick - You can make Newerite tools with these golden sticks.

Newerite Cake - You can make cake with newerite

Newerite Coal - This is Better than coal 3.5 times

New Blocks:

Railroads - You can make these with any type of wood. There are 3 type of railroads. A-type Regular. B-Type Crossroad. C-type Turn.

Newerite Ore - This ore does not affected by fortune.

Newerite Block - This Block Can be used as Beacon's part.

Press Machine - Turn Coals into Diamonds.

Newerite Barrel - Better Than Chests.

New Armor:

Newerite Armor - Better than Diamond Armors



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