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Posted by: RPorotos
File description: Rotten Creatures Mod - 0.9.7 Version - Now in 1.15.2!
File size: 1.78 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 1894
Mod changelog:

Differences from Rotten Creatures 0.9.7 (1.14.4):

  • Added glowing texture to Burned.
  • Burned has knockback resistance if he has low health. However, his crazy form has permanent knockback resistance.
  • Mobs can apply effects on other mobs and not just the player.
  • Changed spawn parameters from Undead Miner.

Everything else stays the same 


Changelog [0.9.7]:

  • Big Features:
    • Added Mod compatibility: Biomes O Plenty, Transverse and Wildnature.
    • Changed Loot Parameters: Loot Tables are added to their specific mob and Looting enchant works on Rotten Creatures Mobs.
    • Solved server advice from natural entity spawn: "Tried to add entity. But it was marked as removed already". However this message only appear if you use a spawn egg.


  • Little Features:
    • New Items/Blocks added: Frozen Rotten Flesh, Infernal Rotten Flesh, Treasure Chest and TNT Barrel.
    • Added new Mummy Variant: The Ancient Mummy can summon flying beetles.
    • Added new entity: Flying Beetle.
    • Added new variant from Undead Miner: The Rank M only spawn in Badland biomes and he can drop gold items.
    • Added Spanish lenguage.
    • Some textures fix.
    • Buffed some drops.


This may be the last version available for 1.14.4. I want to move on other Minecraft versions (like 1.15.2 and 1.12.2).


Changelog [0.9.5]:

  • Big Features:
    • New addition: The Config File. Now is possible to change the spawn rate of mobs.
    • Immortal has completely changed:
      • He applies Channelled Effect  when he hits a player.
      • If lightning strikes him, his life is restored.
      • He can infect/convert zombies.
      • Immortal moves randomly when hit.
      • He can perform a "dash attack". When this attack ends, his life is restored.
      • His drops are completely changed (see description).


  • Little Features:
    • New Effect added: Channelled.
    • New Entity added: Zap. An offspring of Immortal.
    • Some mobs names are changed: 
      • Cold --> Frostbitten.
      • Marshied --> Swampy.
      • Unsoul Miner --> Undead Miner.
      • Inmortal --> Immortal
    • New drops added:
      • Swampy --> Brown dye.
      • Burned --> Magma Cream.
      • Mummy (nerf) --> 4 or 5 golden nuggets instead the gold ingot.
    • Some mobs spawn rate changed.
    • Dead Beard's parameters changed.


Changelog [0.9.3]:

  • Added new variant to Rotten Eskimo. 
  • Removed spawners of Eskimo's Wolf that appeared in dungeons.
  • Fixed Spawn Eggs from Rotten Eskimo and Dead Beard, now you can spawn them under y=60.
  • Changed the textures from Crazy Burned and Obsidian Burned.
  • Buffed spawnrate from Mummy and Rotten Eskimo.
  • The chance of items drops on death from Rotten Eskimo increased.
  • Movement of Obsidian Burned slightly increased.


Changelog [0.9.2]:

  • Removed spawners of Mummy, Burned, Inmortal and Eskimo that appeared in dungeons.
  • Fixed User burning by sunlight to Zombification Effect.
  • Buffed Burned fire attack duration.
  • Some fixes of water/lava interaction.
  • Dead Beard moves a bit slow now when he call for help.
  • Update Checker has been added to this mod. Now the mod notificate you when a new update is upload in the "mod" option.

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