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Posted by: SilverRalph64
File size: 8.55 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 346
Mod changelog:

  • 1.0: Added everything.


  • Added regular Palm Trees that spawn in jungles, warm beaches, and tropical islands.
  • Added Coconuts
  • Added Coconut Drinks
  • Added tussock grass
  • Removed buggy test blocks
  • Reorganized creative inventory
  • Renamed "Fan Palm Leaves" to "Palm Leaves"
  • Added crafting recipe for Block of Kelp, and it can be smoked/smelted into Dried Kelp blocks.


  • Differentiated the Giant Spruce Taiga and Giant Tree Taiga (vanilla biomes).
    • Giant Tree Taiga is a Northern-Californian Redwood forest. Drier than the giant spruce taiga, it features Manzanita bushes.
    • Giant Spruce Taiga is based on the Pacific Northwest. Madrona and Alder trees spawn here, as well as Spanish moss to mimic lichens. Blackberry bushes and sword ferns spawn here. 
  • Updated the Temperate Jungle
    • This biome is now based off of temperate rainforests in New Zealand rather than the Pacific Northwest. Tree Ferns now spawn here, and several previously-exclusive plants have been moved. Grass now spawns rather than Podzol.
    • Maybe a new exclusive mob is coming...?
  • Updated tree structures, hopefully leaf decay has been fixed.
  • Changed spawning for the Ground Sloth; it should now only spawn in Steppetundra, the Giant Tree Taiga, and Giant Spruce Taiga.
  • Elephant Grass has been temporarily disabled until I can create a texture that isn't an eyesore.


  • Further differentiated Mega Taiga biomes and temperate jungles
  • Added some more behemoth bullet functionality
  • Fixed leaf decay bugs; logs are now correctly under the "logs" tag.
  • Reorganized creative inventory yet again


  • Added the Moa mob
  • Added Stripped variants of palm and mangrove logs


  • Added Dodo mob
  • Moa mob now has sounds and drops feathers
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Added Bayou Shacks
  • Added mangrove roots that spawn in Lush Swamps and Mangrove Beaches.
  • Fixed Moa spawning
  • Fixed Dodo model
  • Fixed Bone Camp spawn frequencies and made them rarer; fixed their structure as well
  • Fixed some Behemoth behavior (MCreator ver. 2020.2)
  • Fixed Creative inventory yet again
  • Fixed the Bluet Fields biome.
  • Lowered Eucalyptus spawn frequency


  • Added Saloons
  • Added Windmills
  • Added Stables
  • Added Taiga Shacks
  • Added Lava Rock Shrines
  • Fixed Moss and Bluet generation
  • Fixed Pinas in the creative menu
  • Added a new model for Blackberry Bushes


  • Added Olives (currently unobtainable in survival)
  • Added edible Pitted Olives
  • Added Pangolin Scales
  • Added Pangolins
  • Added Ruins, ruined pillars
  • Added Olive tree structures
  • Fixed bugs


  • Added Venus Flowers
  • Added Venus Seeds
  • Added venus darts
  • Added new biome: Poisonous Forest
  • Added Flytrap plants
  • Added dead trees
  • Added Bramble plants
  • Fixed Mangrove Beach biome


  • Added functionality for Venus Seeds
  • Added the Potion of the Agave Spirit (currently unobtainable in survival). Grants Haste and Nausea.
  • Changed texture of Pangolin Scales
  • Lava Rock spawns more frequently
  • Fixed Scrubland biomes
  • Pangolins now attack all arthropod mobs
  • Venus Flowers still broken.
  • Doedicurus and Ground Sloth mobs are now peaceful (may change to neutral).


  • Added Sea Pigs
  • Elder Guardians no longer spawn in Open Oceans
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added loot table support


  • Added Woody Vines
  • Added banyan trees in all jungle variants
  • Fixed Sea Pig and Starfish spawning
  • Sea Pigs now follow each other in groups; they also spawn in Deep Ocean biome ravines above obsidian
  • Mob spawning in general is fixed
  • Reorganized creative inventory


  • Added Alpine Mountains biome
  • Aspen tree structures generate in Alpine biome


  • Added the Snowcap Mountains biome
    • Added Wooded Snowcap Mountains
  • Added the Yak mob.
  • Grass block clumps now generate in Scrubland biomes and Tropical Dry Forests.
  • Alpine Mountains now have a higher elevation. 
  • Fixed Steppetundra mob spawning
  • Vanilla plants now generate in the new biomes.
  • Berry Bushes now generate in vanilla Mega Taiga biome and its variants.
  • Coarse Dirt clumps now generate in Temperate Jungles and Tropical Dry Forest biomes.


  • Added Siphonophore mobs in Open Oceans
  • Behemoth spots and eyes now glow
  • Implemented the Mola-Mola mob (texture still in beta)
  • Venus darts now act as intended
  • Behemoth bullets now act as intended
  • Tweaked some mob models
  • Giant Ground Sloths now drop ossicles
  • Ground and Shasta Ground sloths now drop leather.


  • Mola-Mola mob now has fixed texture.


  • Added support for Minecraft 1.15.2
  • With waterlogging support, Sea Urchins, Java Moss, and Crinoids now properly generate in their biomes.
  • Seagrass now generates in biomes.
  • Removed Ground Sloth mob due to compilation errors
  • Structures now generate in the biomes, including biome-related villages
  • New textures for Prickly Pear and Blackberry items


  • Fixed models for Mola-Mola and Moa.
    • New texture for Mola-Mola.
  • Removed Siphonophore mob due to rendering and animation issues.
  • Removed Outback Scrub biome.
  • Fixed Open Ocean generation.
  • Sea Pigs and Starfish have improper movement due to Mcreator removing the necessary swimming mob behaviors to keep them anchored to the seafloor.
  • Fixed tree generation generating underwater

  • Alternate skins for the following mobs: Starfish, Dodo (once alternate skins are possible)
  • Lemurs? (Would have to come with variants)
  • Implement the Lush Jungle biome & Giant Jungle Trees (coming soon)
  • Alternate leaves & wood for Olive trees?
  • Implement Tar Pits


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