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Posted by: Tobiaisu
File description: The Amethyst World v1.0 Pre-Release
File size: 795.54 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 475
Mod changelog:

Version 1.0

  • complete "rewrite" of the code
  • complete retexture of the mod
  • many things renamed
  • fixed tree generation
  • updated many recipes
  • added frozen and amethyst fence gates
  • removed icy and snowy zombie
  • removed icy and snowy skeleton

Version 1.0 - Pre-release
  • added Amethyst Slab
  • added Amethyst Stairs
  • added Amethyst Fence
  • added Frozen Slab
  • added Frozen Stairs
  • added Frozen Fence
  • added recipes to all above
  • removed Amethyst Portal
  • added Amethyst Book
  • added Amethyst Book Recipe
  • added Dimensional Transporter spawned by Amethyst Book
  • added Stripped Amethyst Wood
  • added Stripped Frozen Wood
  • added Stripped Amethyst Wood Recipe
  • added Stripped Frozen Wood Recipe
  • added new Amethyst Planks Recipe
  • added new Frozen Planks Recipe
  • added Frozen Stick
  • added Frozen Stick Recipe
  • added Frozen Vine
  • added Icicle
  • added Small Icicle
  • added Icy Zombie
  • added Snowy Zombie
  • added Icy Skeleton
  • added Frozen Golem
  • added Ruin Merger (not working)
  • added Frozen Dungeon in Frozen Biome

Version 0.9
  • fixed luminance on Frozen Sapling
  • fixed Block of Amethyst, now it's translucent
  • improved Amethyst Recipe
  • added Snowy Bush
  • changed texture in inventory on Amethyst and Frozen Sapling
  • changed texture in inventory on Icy and Snowy Grass
  • added Amethyst Berries
  • added Amethyst Berries Seeds
  • added Amethyst Berries Recipe
  • added Stripped Amethyst Log
  • added Stripped Frozen Log
  • fixed Amethyst and Frozen Sapling, now can be only placed on Dirt blocks and Snow
  • fixed Icy and Snowy Grass, now can be only placed on Dirt blocks and Snow

Version 0.8.5
  • fixed Frozen Sapling not growing up

Version 0.8
  • updated to Minecraft 1.15.2
  • changed Amethyst Trees
  • changed Frozen Trees
  • changed Hammer name to Iron Hammer
  • changed IDs of (almost) all blocks and items
  • changed Crusher particles
  • changed Merger particles
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • changed Merger Recipe
  • added Frozen Wood
  • added Frozen Wood Recipe
  • added Amethyst Wood
  • added Amethyst Wood Recipe
  • added Decaying leaves
  • changed way of how Amethyst and Frozen Saplings grow
  • added Amethyst Dimension
  • changed Amethyst and Frozen Sapling Hitbox
  • changed Icy and Snowy Grass Hitbox
  • changed texture of Polished Amethyst
  • Amethyst and Frozen Saplings now drop from leaves
  • changed sound of Frozen Sapling
  • removed Broken Portal Structure (for now)

Version 0.7.5
  • changed Merger Model, now it's in 3D

Version 0.7
  • changed Crusher Model, now it's in 3D
  • added Cobblestone Casing
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • changed Merger Recipe

Version 0.6.5
  • added Sandpaper recipe
  • fixed Merger and Crusher GUI

Version 0.6
  • changed lenght of time of Amethyst Sapling to grow
  • changed particles when you Bone Meal Amethyst Sapling
  • added The Frozen Forest (it don't generate yet)
  • added Frozen Leaves
  • added Frozen Log
  • added Frozen Sapling
  • added Snowy Grass
  • added Icy Grass
  • added Sandpaper
  • added Polished Amethyst
  • added Polished Amethyst Recipe
  • added Broken Portal Structure

Version 0.5
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • added Merger Recipe
  • added Diamond Hammer Recipe
  • added Amethyst Log
  • added Amethyst Leaves
  • added Amethyst Planks
  • added Amethyst Planks Recipe
  • added Amethyst Biome
  • added Amethyst Sapling

Version 0.4
  • changed Crusher Recipe
  • added Diamond Hammer
  • there is no crafting for these yet but they work
  • added Merger
  • added Glass Dust and Dusts
  • added Glass Dust and Dusts recipes
  • added Stone Dusts
  • added Stone Dusts recipe

 Version 0.3
  • added Crusher
  • added Hammer
  • added Crusher Recipe
  • added Hammer Recipe
  • added Crusher Advancement
  • added Hammer Advancement

Version 0.2
  • added Amethyst Block recipe
  • added Amethyst Tab
  • added Amethyst Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggins and Boots)
  • added Amethyst Armor recipes
  • added Amethyst Stick (have no recipe yet)
  • added Amethyst Tools (Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe)
  • added Amethyst Tools recipes
  • added Amethyst Advancement after finding Amethyst Dust

Version 0.1
  • mod first time posted
  • added Amethyst
  • added Amethyst Ore
  • added Block of Amethyst
  • added Stone Dust
  • Amethyst Ore drops 1 Stone Dust and 1-2 Amethyst Dusts
  • you can't make Amethyst right now

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