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Posted by: MadoctheHadocc
File description: Outdated
File size: 924.53 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 284
Mod changelog:

Changelog for v1.1
 -Goliaths are neutral
 -Added Mangaroa
 -Added Mangaroa Heights
 -Added Basidium
 -Added Mazaedium
 -Added Basidium Pillars/Roof
 -Added Anklors and Baby Anklors
 -Twisted Fungi Item no longer invisible
 -Made Twisted Roots plantable on all sides
 -Made Twisted Vines plantable on all sides
 -Added Polished Basidium
 -Made reviving colonies possible with endermite eggs
 -Added End Islands
 -Removed End Ruins
 -Dead Endermite Colonies only destroy themselves outside the end
 -Added Twisted Islands
 -Added Citrite and Citrite structure
 -Added Anklor Jaw
 -Added Uranium Block
 -Added SpawnStone
 -Added Chortle and Chortle Bullets
 -Made Anklors Growable/tameable with Mangaroa


Changelog for v1.2

 -Updated to 1.15.2
 -Made Jasper, Rose Quartz and Crystal Bricks have connected sides
 -Spawnstone recipe changes to have 5 citrite and 4 anklor jaws
 -Chortles actually fire chortle bullets
 -Spawnstone releases Jasper when punched
 -Added Endermite Queen and Endermite Spit
 -Endermite Colonies can spawn Endermite Queens now
 -Endermite Queens can turn Rose Quartz into colonies
 -Added Walora
 -Added Chortle leather and Chortle Balloon
 -Added Mangaroa on a stick (that doesn't work)
 -Added Chortle Airship and recipe
 -Chortle Bullets break Mangaroa

Changelog for v1.3

 -Made Walora pack neutral
 -Made lavender shrooms much taller
 -Added lavender shroom branches
 -Made Lavender Shrooms ungrowable if impeded by blocks
 -Added Azurite Crystal and Azurite Crystal Structure to Crystal Valley, kills Endermites
 -Added Spring Lillies that bounce entities
 -Made Chortle Airship ascend with space
 -Made Twisted Vines spawn in the Twisted Forest
 -Added Custom Air colours
 -Added SchistStone (and 10 block variants of it)
 -Made Schiststone spawn in Mangaroa
 -Added sounds to Endermite Colony
 -Added a lot of block luminance
 -Changed Basidium Pillar Spawn (less buggy)
 -Removed Basidium Roof
 -Wood renamed Hyphae
 -Fixed Twisted Vines Placement
 -Twisted Shrooms no longer spawn if impeded (500+ block procedure)
 -Adjusted Twisted Shroom spawning so far  more side and down shrooms spawn
 -Fungi and Lavender Shrooms no longer grow naturally
 -Changed every block texture in the Mangaroa Heights
 -Added Polished Citrite
 -Removed End Lowlands
 -Uranium Blocks spawn in the Twisted Forest
 -Polished End Rock now crafted not smelted
 -Added Twisted and Lavender Fence Gates
 -Added Twisted and Lavender Buttons
 -Added Jelly Cubes
 -Added Wobbling potion effect
 -Added Jelly Blocks
 -Added Jelly Launcher weapon
 -Added Jelly Fish
 -Made Anklors Blue
 -Added Mini Jellies

Changelog for v1.4

 -Bunch of bug fixes and texture improvements

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