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Posted by: Max094_Reikeb
File description: First version of Electrona for 1.15.2!
File size: 2.36 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 413
Mod changelog:

Version a0.9
- Added Solar Panel (Tiers 1)
- Added Solar Panel (Tiers 2)
- Added Battery
- Added Portable Battery
- Added Water Turbine
- Added EL Converter
- Added Tin Ore
- Added Tin Ingot
- Added Steel Ingot
- Added Motor
- Added Paddle
- Added Heat Generator
- Added Steel Block
- Added Compressor
- Added Steel Plate
- Added Machine Casing
- Added Tin Plate
- Added Electronic Circuit
- Added Hammer
- Added Teleporter
- Added Teleport Saver
- Added XP Generator
- Added Compressed Obsidian
- Added Biomass Generator
- Added Tin Block
- Added Advanced Totem of Undying
- Added advancement "A Whole New World!"
- Added advancement "Machinator!"
- Added advancement "Generator!"
- Added French translation
- Added Chinese translation (50%)
- Added German translation
- Added Swedish translation (50%)

Version r1.0
- Added advanced tooltip for the Converter GUI (arrow)
- Added advanced tooltip for the XP Generator GUI (biggest green bottle)
- Added advancement "New Tools!"
- Added Blue Cables (transfer energy from battery to machines)
- Added Cables (transfer energy from generators to batteries and machines)
- Added Steel Tools
- Added Swedish translation (100%)
- Added tag 'forge:ingots/steel` for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/machines' for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/machines_all' for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/cable' for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/blue_cable' for more compatibility between mods
- Corrected Swedish language
- Modified GUI of the EL Converter
- Modified GUI of the Teleporter
- Modified tag `forge:ingotTin` into `forge:ingots/tin` for more compatibility between mods
- Technical changes for generators
- Started JEI implementation for Compressor's recipes
- Bugfix [ER02] : The "true" and "false" texts aren't in red in the EL Converter's GUI.

Version r1.0.1
- Completed JEI implementation for Compressor's recipes
- Bugfix [ER03] : In normal worlds, Solar Panels didn't work, even with sky access.

Version r1.0.2
- Bugfix [ER04] : JEI appears to be required instead of optional.

Version r1.1
- Added Advanced Totem of Undying functionality
- Added Anti-Radiation suit
- Added Biomass Cell
- Added Concentrated Uranium
- Added Cooler
- Added effect Radioactivity
- Added Empty Cell
- Added Enchantment "Lumberjack" (only for Steel Axe)
- Added Enchantment "Smelting" (only for Steel Pickaxe)
- Added Enchantment "Thundering" (only for Steel Axe)
- Added Enchantment "Veinminer" (only for Steel Pickaxe)
- Added Lava Cell
- Added Nuclear Generator Controller
- Added Pump
- Added Purificator
- Added Purified Uranium
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/has_water_tank' for more compatibiliy between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/ores' for more compatibility between mods
- Added Steel Crate
- Added Sugar Bottle
- Added Uranium Bar
- Added Uranium Dual Bar
- Added Uranium Ore
- Added Uranium Quad Bar
- Added Water Cell
- Added Water Pump
- Added Yellow Cake
- Added FE support (for EL Converter and for new Creative Generator)
- Added full Swedish translation and abandoned Chinese translation
- Modified description of the Portable Battery to get the power as an int, not as a double
- Modified some element's place in creative tabs
- Modified some recipes (Water Turbine, Heat Generator, Biomass Generator)
- Modified Steel Plate's texture
- Modified Tin Plate's texture
- Modified XP Generator's GUI
- Optimized and added more JEI support
- Removed Items and Compressor categories from Patchouli Support
- [ES#03] : Changed Battery's model and texture
- [ES#04] : Added Creative Generator
- [ES#05] : Added Nuclear stuff
- Bugfix [ER01] : When used in a craft, the hammer doesn't loose its durability.
- Bugfix [ER05] : Input and output slots of the Battery and EL Converter did not work.

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