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Posted by: ModsByDreamCritting
File description: Shadowlands 1.15.2 version 2.1
File size: 4.99 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 429
Mod changelog:

Fixed a bug where the Glowshroom forest portal igniter didn't appear.

Fixed a bug where killing the Red Knight didn't grant an achivement.

Fixed a bug where Glowing Crystal wasn't obtainable.


Updated the mod to 2.0!

Shadowlands 1.14.4 - 1.15.2 version 2.0 Changelog:

Blocks added:

Toxic Glowing Shroom Block
Toxic Grass
Goo Ore
Goo BLock
Brutallium Ore
Brutallium Block
Vellium Redstone Ore
Display Stand
Desert Coal Ore
Desert Redstone Ore
Desert Lapis Ore
Ooblen Stone
Ooblen Grass
Ooblen Tenticle Tree Log
Ooblen Iron Ore
Ooblen Brick
Ooblen Leaves
Dark Sandstone
Belronite Ore
Dark Yellow Stone
Light Deep Sandstone
Belronite Block

Plants added:

Vellium Starflower
Toxic Shroom
Purple Shroom
Blue Shroom
Red Shroom
Pink Shroom
Tall Toxic Shroom
Small Vellium Grass
Small Shroom Grass
Small Toxic Grass
Dark Fern
Poisoned Plant
Dull Shroom
Thin Red Cactus
Void Fern
Red Grass
Shadow Fern
Tall Red Shroom
Vellium Water Lilly
Ooblen Bush
Ooblen Small Grass
Ooblen Bulb
Ooblen Tentacle Plant
Ooblen Fern
Ooblen Cactus

Items added:

Brutallium Ingot
Brutallium Plate
Brutallium Robot Kit
Ooblen Sword
Belronite Ingot
Belronite Megasword
Goo Blade

Biomes added:

Toxic Forest

Armor added:

Belronite Armor

Structures added:

Big Tree
Vellium Forge
Vellium Worm Dungeon
Underground Library
Firegem Vault
Metal Tank

Entities added:

Toxic Disgruntled Shroom
Brutallium Robot
Ooblen Knight

Other changes:

Made Doom Star and Awakened Star bosses less laggy and changed the way they attack - they now summon Vexes instead of lightning storms which could crash the game.
Made Glowing Crystal mineable with pickaxe rather than just tnt/creepers.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Vellium Logs not using log rotation
Fixed Shadow Wood Planks/Slabs/stairs not being broken quicker with an axe
Fixed Forgotten Desert having a global light source
Fixed various incorrect harvesting levels for ores
Fixed Doom Star/Awakened Star potentially crashing the game in 1.14.4
Fixed Shadowgem Sword not haveing a crafting recipe
Fixed Ruby Cube not dropping the correct loot
Fixed Pistol doing too much knockback
Fixed Ghostmetal tools not having a recipe
Improved the Metal Cooling procedure


2.0.1 Fixed bug where Purity boots needed Purity boots to craft


2.1  Added:
Brasswood log
Brasswood planks
Wires (plant)
Brass knuckles
Brass ingot
Brasswood hills (biome)
Living machinery (rideable passive mob)

Added Belronite as a usable resource, it was added in 2.0 but was unfinished and not available in survival mode.

Fixed bugs with achivements being gained at the wrong times.



Blocks added:

Corrupted Bricks
Shadow Spirit
Fire Portal
Fire Portal Igniter
Unbreakable Nether Brick
Unbreakable Red Nether Brick
Keyblock Activated
Keyblock Stage 2
Keyblock Stage 2 Activated
Wither Skull Block
Magma Lamp

Mobs added:

Pigman Brineguard
Emperor Wither
Vellium Jellyfish

Items added:

Corrupted Tablet
Shadow Eye
Cursed Armor Fragment
Dungeon Reset
Dungeon Key
Wither Blaster
Molten staff

Commands added: /wiki shadowlands (this will send a link to the wiki in chat)


Changed custom mob models and textures, fixed a few bugs, updated
Mcreator version which should make stuff run better, made modded wood
usable as fuel, added a huge nether dungeon and huge portal, added a way
to smelt shadowmetal to unenhance it and added a load of new

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