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Posted by: Doctor_Mojik
File size: 922.62 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 230
Mod changelog:

BETA 2.0

⭐Proximity Plant: A plant that contains a lot of sulfur and carbon inside if it is touched by a player will explode.

⭐Flower Bush: It is a trapassable but very aggressive block-shaped plant, it will wilt and become a dead flower bush if you place it in the nether.

⭐Dead Flower Bush: The dead part of the flower bush is more flammable if you put a bucket of water on it, it will restore its original shape.

⭐Shadow Flower: Spawn in places with light less than 6, this plant is unbreakable but if it comes into contact with light sources greater than or equal to 7 it will be destroyed.

⭐Remove the multiplication of the cross flower

⭐Change color of the cross flower

⭐Added New recipes: Proximity plant to TNT

BETA 3.0

The bamboo uptade!

⭐Bamboo Improvements:

⭐Set on your off-hand a bamboo and on your main-hand a flint, then right-click and a string will appear

⭐Bamboo Stuff like planks,stairs,door,fences,etc...

⭐Eatable Sugar: Crafted by 2 sugar canes, it is only food no more...


⭐Poisonous Valley: A relative of the swamp it's called like that because of the poisonous spiders and the Most posionous flower that lives in the overworld.


⭐Spike Crown: A crown that deal a little damage to the owner's attackers

⭐Kimetsu Flower: If the player step the plant, the plant will give him wither 4 and slowness 4

⭐The flower bushes now have a better spawning-condition, also are watterlogeable

BETA 4.0

⭐Fixed Kimetsu flower.

⭐Fixed ''Flower'' Tag.

⭐Changed Phoenix Flower spawning .

⭐Changed Bamboo Planks Recipe (2 Bamboos 2 String = 2 Bamboo Planks).

⭐Added Creative Tab ''Plantae Kingdom Blocks''.

⭐Added New fuel source called ''Leftovers'' Crafted with smelted flowers also it has gravity.

⭐Now the flower bush changes color when it is in the desert or dry biomes

⭐Added New Plants:

⭐Crown of the Friar: A plant from the desert It can be used as antidote

⭐Bonfire Grass: Infernal grass  that smelt entity's skin also it can be used as fuel

⭐Hell Trumpets: An natural alarm it makes noises when an entity touch it

⭐Bunny Ears Flower: Spawns in Deserts and Mountains Like the bunnies, also it will grant you jump boost

⭐Sun's Eye Flower: Don't Look it. It will set on fire your eyes

⭐Eleanor: For now a decoration plant from the Universe of JRR Tolkien

⭐New Biomes:

⭐Wet forest where spawns the eleanor flower

BETA 4.1

⭐Added Big Flower Bushes a better generation to flower bushes that spanws in plains and mountains

⭐Variety Bugs were fixed

BETA 5.0

⭐Added Roasted Wood:

-A new type of wood that is granted when a log is placed on a campfire with right-click

-Has rock-like properties

-cannot be naturraly generated

-It can smelt 4 items in the furnace

⭐Added tags: Roasted Wood, SlabMod, Woodmod

⭐Added tools recipes with bamboo planks

⭐Added composter, barrel and loom recipe from the mod's materials

⭐Plantorch Nerfed: Now it light ups 6 blocks

⭐Added plantorch bush: A better version of the plantorch it hurts naturally non-rideable entities and players while crouch.

BETA 6.0

⭐Change Textures to a more like 1.16 looking

⭐Change Firewood properties

⭐Change Bamboo Planks resistance

⭐Now bees can polinizate plantae's kingdom flowers

BETA 7.0

⭐Now Plantae Kingdom Available in 1.16.5!

⭐Remove fungus essence funcionality 

⭐Now plants like the reverse onion can grow again in certanly amount of ticks

⭐Added ''Plantae Kingdom items'' creative tab

⭐Reduced the quantity of items that bonfire grass can smelt

⭐Now firewood set its wither inmune

⭐Added The Soul Jack'O Lantern, it is like a piglin repellent :p

⭐Now In the nether you can find Big Dead Flower Bushes

⭐Hell Trumpets now only scream when a neighbour block changes

-New Plants:

⭐Soul Rose: A light font from the soul sand valley, also the piglins Hate it.

⭐Wither Roots: Roots that grown from the bottom of the soul soil blocks

⭐Magmatic Graft: It only growns on magma blocks if you break it you have 2 seconds to run or place a block were it was, if you're obstinade. I hope you die in fire🎶🎶

Don't Forget to breath underwater!.

BETA 8.0

-Added a bunch of ambient and decoration plants for the new 1.16 nether:

⭐Crimson Underground: Ambient flower, it spawns in crimson forests

⭐Soul Scrub: Spawns in soul sand valleys, piglins are scared of it!

⭐Warped Blossom: Spawns in warped forests

⭐Wither Grass: Spawns in basalt deltas and soul sand valleys, the player will get wither if collides with the plant

⭐Nether Scrub: Spawns in every nether biome, ambient plant

⭐Crimson Grass: Spawns in crimson forest biomes

⭐Basalt Lily: Spawns in basalt deltas, also it is very thought

-Other new features

⭐Now eleanor every random tick spawn 1 point of xp

-Added new useful plant:

⭐Menthuthuyoupi: This plants every random flower tick it will apply bone peal exactly at z-1 of the

position of the plan, it will be usefull for growing gardens or farms!

⭐Also these new plants will spawn particles when an entity collides with them, it gives more inmersion to the game.

⭐Wither roots get changed to a full block because of many generation bugs


-Added New Plants:

🌼Pluto Rat Trap: When a tiny mob collides with this desert plant, it smash the tiny mob and killing it instantly

🌼Spiky Poppy: A type of vanilla poppy but poisonous, it is good for making dyes

🌼Middlemist Red: Beautiful and rare flower that spawns particles when an entity collides with it

🌼Treasurer Flower: When you broke it the drop is random, one of these drops is the crown of the plant king

🌼Wild Marigold: Cookable flower that spawns in forests and poisonous valleys

🌼Eye of Poison: Like its cousin, when you see it it will poison you, but when isn't dark it will be asleep

🌼Added New plant that for now yoou can only get from commands that are in testing (Ender Brush)

-New Items:

⭐Added The root of the plant knowledge, a book that gives info of the plants

-Added New Food source:

⭐Cooked Wildmarigold: A healthy food that is a cooked version from the wild marigold

Changes and bug Fixes:

⭐Fixed infinite firewood dup

⭐Changed Firewood planks texture

⭐Fixed cinders recipe

⭐Fixed low volume of the hell trumpets

⭐Changed name of the eatable sugar (Now Brown Sugar)

⭐Now you can get 4 planks of bamboo instead of 2

⭐Fixed firewood trapdoors and doors recipe

⭐Now when entity collides with crown of the friar gives regeneration

⭐Changed modded soups textures (It looked like programmer art texture pack)

⭐Minor Bugs fixed

⭐Changed Menthouthouyoupi texture (it didn't look like bonemeal)

⭐Changed Spike Flower, Rock Rose and Natural Spike Mallet textures (doesn't look rocky like textures)


First Pre-release fixing bugs and going forward with the plant in a pot system.

Added New Plants:

⭐Arid Grass: new type of grass found in desert hills and badlands

⭐Cat Triceps: It Likes to push up mobs and items for fun

⭐Glowstem: A glowy and growable plant found in caves, it has a 10 block luminance and they're too high

⭐Moss: Moss are blocks that spread it is used for a bone meal font and ambient ''plant''

Bug fixes:

⭐Now You can craft everything vanilla and no vanilla recipes with plantae kingdom's mod (if it uses #planks)

⭐Magmatic Graft doesn't spawn lava if player were in creative

-Added new plants to the plant encyclopedia

-If you craft a plant encyclopedia you will unlock all recipes

-Texture changes to some plants


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