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Posted by: ed1c24
File description: major update!
File size: 19.08 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 556
Mod changelog:

1.1 update patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug where custom tree leaves did not properly decay during certain intervals.
  • Fixed a bug involving lemon leaves incorrectly dropping themselves without shears.
  • Fixed an issue involving certain structures spawning incorrectly in Pink Beach biomes.
  • Re-did code for custom log stripping to be less user intensive.
  • Added a new painting ("Bubblegum") by Qamar I missed in the original release

1.2 update patch notes:
  • Fixed a bug where cherry saplings would sometimes disappear when given bone meal
  • Fixed a bug where saplings would float if the block below them was removed

1.3 update patch notes:

Bug fixes/Changes:

  •  Fixed several bugs regarding cakes
  •  Fixed several sound related bugs
  •  Fixed some issues regarding pink sandstone
  •  Fixed a bug with strawberry bushes not growing correctly and not dropping when the block below them was destroyed
  •  Fixed a bug regarding mining certain ores
  •  Two block tall flowers can be replicated using bonemeal
  •  Changed recipe for stained cherry planks to be more like vanilla recipes
  •  Balance changes were made regarding the magic mirror, heart wand, and cupid's bow including a cooldown
  •  Changed generation and spawn rates on certain things
  •  Mooberry cows can now be sheared to turn them into regular cows

Existing Issues:

  •  Multiplayer is still untested but possibly may be more stable now
  •  Saplings will not drop from trees during natural decay

New Features:

  •  Bookshelf and barrel variants for all the wood types added by the mod
  •  Marshmallows can be roasted on campfires and Marshmallow blocks can be lit with a flint and steel to create a roasted Marshmallow block
  •  S’mores can be crafted from roasted marshmallows chocolate and wheat
  •  Chocolate covered strawberries can be crafted from strawberries and chocolate
  •  Fairies and Pixies will spawn in Wisteria Forest biomes
  •  Fairy dust can be gotten by either slaying fairies or right clicking them (“trading”) with ForgetMeNots
  •  New fairy lamp light source blocks made from fairy dust that can be dyed any of the 16 colors
  •  Several species of butterfly will spawn across a multitude of biomes
  •  New net item will allow you to capture and relocate butterflies
  •  Snail mob. It is a cute little snail :)
  •  Seashells will spawn on beaches
  •  Shell shards gotten from seashells and snails can be used to craft nautilus shells
  •  Sandcastle blocks in all variations of sand

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