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Posted by: TegusTalpan
File description: For Minecraft Forge 1.16.5
File size: 8.01 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 572
Mod changelog:

IN 1.5.0

· Added squat lobsters (7 variants) and squat lobster buckets.

· Added sea pigs, sea pig buckets, and a new poison protection effect and potions, including custom particles.

· Added 3 more variants to the deep sea fish (11 total).

· Added hydrothermal vents with custom particles and sounds.

· Added a new painting.

· Added new trades to the fisherman villager.

· Added a new advancement and removed the Responsible Parenthood one due to bugs (12 total).

· Fixed the spider crab not spawning.

· Fixed the isopod AI so now they can move on land.

· Fixed the coelacanth spawn rate, now they only spawn in deep ocean dunes when it's raining (still very rare).

· Tweaked the baby spider crab model.

· Changed the way the advancements appear on the menu.

· Removed the background music that would play on deep ocean dunes due to errors.



IN 1.4.1

· Fixed a typo regarding the alpha mudskipper.

· Reduced the saturation the foods would give you to normal amounts.

IN 1.4.0

· Added deep sea fish and deep sea fish buckets (8 variants).
· Added the alpha mudskipper and a new way to get fins.
· Added anemones which can poison you and other entities but not water creatures.
· Added custom particles for spider crab eggs (and they look really nice!).
·Added a new texture and animation for the spider crabs.
·Added a hunger system where mobs will hunt for prey after 8 minutes or so.
· Made a whole rework of the coelacanth mob, including a new model, texture, animations and ai.


· Fixed the crazy spawn rates.
· Fixed the crashing server bug caused by breeding spider crabs.
· Fixed the mudskipping potion, now the tooltip shows info about the effects.
· Fixed most of the generation bugs in the deep sea dunes.
· Fixed the tube worms issues.
· Fixed the replaceable bioluminescent block.
· Fixed a typo on the music disc bathysphere.
· Fixed the bug where fish would suffocate to death if touching a ceiling.
· Fixed the bug where spider crabs would stay static on land.
· Reduced the size of the songs in the mod, making it almost half its size.
· Adjusted the volume of the music discs.
· Changed the spawn of the spider crabs to cold biomes to better reflect the real life counterpart.
· Organized the translation files.
· Organized the creative tab order.
· Removed the Responsible Parenting advancement.


·Fish dont keep their names when bucketed.

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