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Posted by: rmsandegs
File description: DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS. This is a dummy file because the real one is too large. The actual mod is linked at the bottom of the post.
File size: 1014 bytes
Total download count (all mod files): 137
Mod changelog:


  • Release

  • [Bugfix] Marigold patches can no longer break Bedrock when generating
  • !!! [Bugfix] Watchers now properly spawn in caves
  • Adjusted the attributes of socketed Golden gear (such as damage, mining speed, harvest level, etc) to be more balanced and worthwhile compared to Vanilla alternatives
  • Fixed erroneous spelling: Sulphur -> Sulfur (applies to IDs, meaning Sulfur items and ores might be deleted from old worlds)
  • !!! All Golden items (armor, tools, etc.) can now be repaired with their respective gems
  • Changed minimum spawn height of Flawed Topaz ore from y=10 to y=40
  • Updated texture of Flawed Topaz Ore
  • Fixed incorrect description for Amethyst Hoe
  • Updated textures for Tunnelhide Armor items
  • !!! Removed Flawed Topaz from the Jeweling system
    • Flawed Topaz will now be used to repair Radiant Topaz items.
  • Decreased time taken to eat a Hellberry from 1s to 0.6s (20 to 12 ticks)
  • Updated texture of Apple of Eden
  • Removed Instant Damage from the Apple of Eden's effects
  • Reduced drop rate of multiple Hellberries from a Hellberry Bush from 50% to 30%
  • !!! New set bonus for Shroomium Armor: Melee attackers are given the Spores effect
  • Tome of Projection now has a crafting recipe
  • Sapphire tools now give a small amount of XP when mining their respective blocks
  • !!! Made generation of Mushroom Mires biomes more unique & improved generation performance
    • Much larger height scale (taller hills & lower base level) & more intricate overall shape
    • Biomes now take ~0.5 - 1.5 seconds to generate instead of the previous ~4 - 6 seconds (much fewer lighting updates)


  • Increased the duration of Potions (Vials):
    • Normal: 5:00 (from 3:00)
    • Long: 9:00 (from 6:00)
    • Strong: 4:00 (from 3:00)

Future Update:

  • Watchers now strafe when shooting at the player instead of sitting still (like Skeletons)
  • Removed Tiki Torches from Overgrown Ruins

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