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Posted by: Tradeo Pan
File description: New Plants and Items!
File size: 979.17 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 425
Mod changelog:

-Added Doshroom: This colony of microorganisms has the peculiarity of being an epic hideout for
endermites, also the endermites love to eat the parasites that lurk this microorganisms
-Added Devil's Palm: Gives the effect of spore to all entities except for the player
-Added more types of Appendage Bunch structure
-Added the structure: Endermite Hive
-Changed generation of block of appendages
-Added Spore Effect: An effect that devil's palm applies to entities except for the player,
when an entity dies with this effect it will left an ill plant
-Ill Plant: It can be used as fuel or if you give it an item of a certain plant it will growĀ 
like that plant.
-Changed how many spore bits you can get from a end bulk
-Increased saturation of some plants (suggestion by woofyboo_bro_valeri)
-Added Ghostly Variants of plants and ghostly end stone:
-Phantangled,Ghostly End Grass, Tall Ghostly End Grass and Polous
-You can find these ghostly things in the ghostly islands

Yes I know I was absent for a while. I think I feel better now
-Removed Spin Grass
-Added Spin Grass' Epitaph advancement
-Added Spin Grass Memorial an item that has a ultra small chance to be dropped by any mob
-Changed spore's texture
-Ghostly end grass variants con now spawn in chunks in low frequency
-Added void weed spawns in every end biome in patchs, it is used for making food
-Added Void rice, this crop spawns in big groups in the small end islands to grab itsĀ 
treasure you need the cereal grabber
-Cereal Grabber it is used to grab all end's flora crops
-Added advancement ''Quirky Agriculture'' when the player gets a cereal grabber
-Added Void Weed Blocks, this blocks are fragile so watch out if you are walking on them
-Now Ill Plants can be fed with rice branch
-Added Rice Cookie, Wrapped Rice Cookie and Bowl Of Voiled Rice
-Added weight effect
-Added the non-mundane thorns, this bush has rough thorns that can give the weight effect. This
special bush can be used to make grafts of overworld crops using the
respective crop. (For now available on apples and sweet berries)
-Added thorns you can make amazing regeneration potions with this!
-Now phantangled can apply invisibility and glowing to entities around it
-Added Tubular Flute an item that makes a recognizable sound that calms down the entities around
-Added void saw for now it's a common sword leave ideas for the new peculiarity of this weapon


Imagine having a very noticeable bug that makes unplayable in survivalšŸ’€

-Fixed some bugs and the most important: ''You couldn't craft void wood planks''

Sorry for this poor version, I'm busy with the other projects and I have a big lack of ideas issueĀ 

-Added the End Rabish, a new food source crop, the provided crop clears the spore effect from the entities
-Added Radish Stew
-Fixed ann issue that makes sweet berries non mundane plant drops apples instead of sweet berries
-Added End lanterns: A plant that grows lantern bulbs, a fruit that grants glowing and absorption
-Now the tubular flute grants absorption, regeneration and instant health to all players
-Added new advancements!
-Added the Bag of end seeds, an item that can only be obtained by trading with villageers, I decided to
create this item for the people who wants to get newer updates plants easier and boring
-Added New Trades with villagers!
-Added Pusty and Pusty milk, the pusty milk is an awesome meal that has a high nutritional value and a high saturation
-Changed plant distribution (Some plants will spawn in the whole end so I won't add them in this list):
-End Rabish
-Void Rice
-Tall End Grass
-Non Mundane Plant
-Devil's Palm
-Gleaming Weeds
-End Rabish
-Void Rice
-Propeler Tentacle
-Now the end bulk applies spore effect
-Now bulk bits can be eaten
-Now to extract spore bits you must use a cereal grabber
-Added Pusty Storager a plant that explodes to give the vitamins to the entities around
-Added the ill plant of the lantern bulbs and the pusty one
-Added #ghostly_plants tag
-Added ghostly leftovers: An item make from smelting the ghostly plants
-Added a new item called plantoplasm, use this item to make incredible and useful things like:
-Plantoplasm Bazooka: A BAZOOKA, A BAZOOOOOOKA!
-Added pusty block
-Fixed Void Stem rotation bug
-Added new islands!
-Added the void bubble blower

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