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Posted by: Epikgame
File description: 1.19.2 relise
File size: 208.06 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 33
Mod changelog:


-Active soul sand
-Soul Essention
-Soul shard
-Soul crystal

-Soul staff

-Soul bow

-Holy string

-Holy blade

-Holy axe blade

-Stone axe blade
-Holy battle axe
-Stone battle axe
-Holy katana
-Ice katana
-True excalibur
-True Gungnir
-Holy hammer
-Obsidian Holy hammer
-Soul string
-Obsidian heavy holy armor set
-Heavy holy armor set
Mana system
Staffs textures
New weapons:
-Soul book
-Fire book
-Ice book
-Water book
-Skulk book
-Stone book
-Obsidian book
New consumable:
-Mana book
New blocks:
-Rune log
-Rune wood
-Rune planks
-Rune stairs
-Rune stone
-Rune portal frame
New resourses:
-Skulk essention
-Skulk crystal
-Magic book
New dimension:
-Magic world(rune world)
-Staffs projectile particles

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