MCreator modding contest!

Submitted by Klemen on Sun, 03/24/2013 - 18:05

We decided to orgainze MCreator modding contest. Anyone can join this contest. So what is the point? You need to make mod only with using MCreator and picture editing program (to make cool textures). The best five mods will be reviewed on front page of MCreator. The best mod will be also marked as offical MCreators mod for one month. Click read more to see rules.


1. Who can participate?

Anyone who has good idea for mod and knows how to use MCreator.

2. How to take a part and submit a mod?

Make mod only using MCreator and image editing program and post it to using Upload modification button. Mod needs to be compatible with the last version of MCreator and Minecraft.

3. How will the winner be selected?

MCreator team will install only mods wich will have nice picture and description on Then we will decide wich of these mods are the best.

4. How much time you have?

We will look at all the mods that were posted in time betwen 24 March and 1 April. Results will be posted few days later.

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Did you create all the things in that example mod screenshot with MCreator?

Submitted by jasonmaki on Tue, 03/26/2013 - 23:55

the link to ti the download for mcreator for minecraft 1.5.1 is not working