Heads up update on MCreator

Submitted by Klemen on Sun, 05/28/2017 - 18:42
Heads up update on MCreator

It has been a while since the last update for MCreator was released so we decided to make a heads up post to keep you informed on what's happening and when next updates, changes, and improvements will be made. Click read more to read more about it.

There are two main reasons that not much has happened regarding updates on the website. The first one is that we are working a lot on new website update for both Pylo and MCreator websites (big improvements on the website system, design and usability will be made) and that right now, the main developer of MCreator, Klemen, has finals on the university and can't contribute as much as he normally does for the development of MCreator and releasing new software updates.

This does not mean that we won't work on MCreator anymore. Right the opposite! After the finals are over, a large website update will be released and new updates for all the supported Minecraft version of MCreator too.

Unfortunately, we can't disclose much information about the website update, but trust me, it will be great!

Nevertheless, some info can be revealed: wiki will be built from ground up to make the usage of MCreator easier with the extensive help provided, all the websites will be responsive and optimized for mobile and desktop devices and much more. We will also introduce new server communication protocol so the Pylo sync API won't cause problems anymore.

Until then, stay awesome, mod with MCreator and hang out on our community :)

If you have ideas for the new website update or for the upcoming MCreator software updates, leave them in the comments and your idea might be implemented.


Submitted by Nuparu00 on Thu, 06/01/2017 - 14:21

Good luck with the finals Klemen!

@#1 I Love MCreator but How to make a GUI is a but confusing and would like it if you guys cod add more things like wes to make a thunis GUI keep up the good work and can not wait to see the upcoming update. :)

@#1.2 A GUI is a window like a chest, a crafting table or a furnace.
You can add some text for informative purpose, some buttons that execute events and some inventory slots.
Don't forgot that for opening the GUI you need an Open GUI event.
If you want to know how to make a chest, here is a little tutorial :
1- make a block. Add an inventory to that block and select the number of the slots.
Now you have made the chest block, the inventory is hopper-compatible, however, you can't open the chest.
2-make a gui. Do that the inventory of this gui is inherted from the chest block. Add slots to the gui (you can't make more slots than the number of slots selected in the block).
3-make an on right click event-open gui event
I hope that it helped

I hope they add a function to change the language of mcreator

Good luck Klemen for your finals :)

After that can you implement these ideas? because i find it really annoying if they are not yet implemented in your MCreator software.

*Have an option to rename the certain part of the mod. (in case of misspelling them by accident)
*Move the mod to their appropriate position because without this feature the items in the creative tab are disorganize and it's pain in the butt to delete all of the mods after the one that is missing or in a wrong position and then add it all over again.

(Sorry if i made a bad grammar if you noticed it :)

If you want some ideas, here are 58 ideas for MCreator :

Good luck with the finals, Klemen. After that, can you put my ideas in the upcoming new MCreator software?

Submitted by trooper_02 on Sat, 06/03/2017 - 16:27

I've been working with mcreator for a long time now, but all my ideas include mobs being tamable. I've tried to work it out by searching the web and i'm just stuck. please add a taming option.

P.S. just to let you know...
there is hundreds of
other people wanting
this option so please
consider it.

Submitted by Dragma2005 on Mon, 06/05/2017 - 17:23

Well... I watched the website update, lol, I was on when it did, I went to a different page on MCreator and it looked different, and I realized it was updated.

Also from me, i wish you good luck for the finals :) i also have a idea, which would be nice to see in the future: at first, texture support for. obj models would be nice, and a model viewer if i import a custom model into mcreator which shows me the model and the collider, so that i can see the changes i made to the collider with the values.