Website update and professional version survey

Submitted by Klemen on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 15:22
Website update and professional version survey

After a few software updates, it was time for another website update. We have made a survey for the community about professional version of MCreator for commercial use too.

Commercial version survey

As this one is quite important for both us and you - the users of MCreator, we have decided to make this the main point of this article.

In the past, we have been asked a lot about an option to create unbranded mods and mods that can be used commercially (ads on the website of the mod, AdFly, ...). As MCreator is free, our decision was to keep it free as long as mods made by the community are free and non-commercial too.

We could change this by providing a commercial license (version) of MCreator. Users that would like to use MCreator for commercial purposes and would like to have more commercially and professionally oriented features would simply pay for the commercial license. Such license could include other services such as mod update server, more storage, no ads on the website, collaborative work support too. MCreator, as is, would stay free, but we would offer a commercial version as well.

We made the survey to find out how much interest there is for such version so we get some insight on whether we should move things in the direction of option for the commercial version.


Click here to answer the survey

Each answer will help us decide on how to shape the future of MCreator better

Website update

Now back to the website update. You most likely noticed that we have changed the front page a bit. The image slider has been removed and a bigger Download button has been added, so the users can now easily find the download of MCreator.Issue tracker categories and MCreator versions are now clickable. By clicking on the MCreator version or the issue category, all issues tagged with this version or category are shown, so users can now find the tickets they are looking for faster.

New wiki section pages were introduced too. These section pages group similar wiki pages together. You can jump between pages in the same section from the wiki pages themselves too. Wiki homepage has been improved with a new design and some new links were added to find important pages easier.

Bug with comments being posted multiple times in some cases was fixed and another comment bug with pagination of comments not working after posting a comment was fixed.

We have improved the design and user experience of the website under maintenance page too, but we hope you didn't notice this one and you won't have to :)

What is next?

We are working on some new interesting surprises for you, so stay tuned on our social networks for the announcements! We have some nice plans for MCreator 1.8.2 update too. Stay tuned and don't forget to help us by filling out the survey and providing us with your aspects on the commercial version of MCreator.

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Submitted by Super_m on Mon, 11/26/2018 - 00:03

A very interesting idea. Though I doubt it qill come to a frutition.

Submitted by jurekomac on Mon, 11/26/2018 - 10:24

Nice to hear you finally fixed the bug with comments

I Think it would be better if there's like a way to add a video to the slideshow like a trailer or something like on games on steam. At least it's been linked from a youtube link that would be nice :D

Submitted by FinnT730 on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 18:20

I'm sorry to break this, but is it not against the EULA of minecraft to make paid mods?

Selling mods is a very gray area. The main purpose of commercial version would not be sold mods (although from our side we could allow it as long as the user has all legal background for other parties to do so too), but to allow mods to be put on websites with ads the author benefits from and to put ads behind Another benefit would be complete de-branding of MCreator mods as right now MCreator leaves footprints everywhere and it is not legal per our TOS to remove these footprints.

These footprints wouldn't be a problem if a few site's used there eyes rather then using a blanket ban on MCreator mods but hey, I think it would be a nice option to whitelabel it

Submitted by centa on Sat, 12/01/2018 - 04:32

I like the idea of ​​the commercial version, but that's not why they're going to return the free program to one of pay, since usually developers usually make the paid version give you more freedom to do what you want, while that the free one encloses you in its few liberties, we do not want that they leave video on how to get the patched MCreator so that it is like one of pay, but, I like the idea, just do not exaggerate

Hi, I Have some vague suggestions for the free version, And the possible paid version:

Let's start with the "Free" Version!

* Rotated Blocks: Would be very nice, Toggles such as (woodlog, x-z only) Would be a nice feature!
* Ladders, We should be able to have a way to make blocks (place on walls, Ex: Ladders)

Now to the "Paid" version "Suggestions"

* More User-Friendly way to make "Inventories, Ex: Furnaces, Custom crafting tables with a toggle and then in the crafting editor we can Make recipes for them!
* Automatic (.mcr Export) Backups, a workspace could easily break or progress could be lost, There should be an autosave?
* Custom Backgrounds for MCreator software and Start Screen!