MCreator PRO Announcement

Published by Klemen on Mon, 08/19/2019 - 13:53
MCreator PRO Announcement

We are happy to announce that MCreator PRO is going to be a real thing. In this article, we will explain more details about the MCreator PRO and answer your questions.

Based on your positive feedback, we have decided to go with the plan and make MCreator PRO version. The full list of PRO features can be seen on MCreator PRO page.

MCreator PRO is going to be priced at

19.99 €/year for an annual license or 39.99 € one-time payment for a permanent license

A very similar USD price will be announced soon. There will be other ways to get MCreator PRO too. We will award users of our contests with MCreator PRO licenses in the future too and you are welcome to leave any ideas or suggestions on this in the comments below too!

MCreator PRO will provide us a source of resources to further improve development speed and quality of MCreator too. We are hoping that we will be able to hire more developers and spend more time on the development of MCreator.


We are still open to the feedback and your opinions as we always make sure to listen to the community. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below and we will be glad to answer them and clarify and concerns. We have opened a new poll to get a rough estimate on the interest for MCreator PRO and to get your feedback and you can answer it on the link below:


Leave feedback about MCreator PRO


We are working on 1.9.1 update intensively currently too. Check the changelog as many new awesome features will be added and many bugs fixed. Stay tuned!

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Nice features, but a payant dark theme... i found it a little bad but ok, why not, still a feedback :)

Submitted by CyberPunkG on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 22:18

Is the price going to be the same for U.S because 20€ = $22.16 or is it going to stay at $20 i need to know because i'm thinking of buying the permanent license.

The annual license is 19.99€ and USD price should be close to this (with conversion applied). We are still working on all legal documents and once we sort that out we will know the taxes and related things we need to know to estimate USD price.

Submitted by wadihw on Fri, 08/23/2019 - 01:28

these prices right now are grate please keep them and now I can buy it

This is just a little bit too pricey, It should be like 20 euros like for permeant and 10 euros for year.
Also can you add monthly?

Submitted by ArshiaDPG on Fri, 08/23/2019 - 06:28

The new ore tools will make my mod making process 90% shorter and easier

Submitted by theodu30_ on Fri, 08/23/2019 - 16:02

I really think there are good things for this cost.
(Bad English, my bad)

I'd think its time to learn how to code. I just feel like MCreator is falling, seriously i thought that was one of the best programs for making mods. But not now, Hey pay 40 euro just to get quickmoddingtools. No thats bad as a person that dosen't want to buy it, it's technically limiting me to make mods. I am sorry Poly team but that was the worst choice in my opinion i might make mods one day with this app but for now no sorry.

LOL it's not limiting you your just to lazy to make your own tool and armor set in my opinion i think the "quickmoddingtools" is bad, I looked at the textures and they look horrible i'll rather do my own texture's ( It's really not that hard to make your own textures ) again that's just my opinion but stating that "Hey pay 40 euro just to get quickmoddingtools. No thats bad as a person that dosen't want to buy it, it's technically limiting me to make mods." That in it's self is a lie and an really bad argument as to why not buying MCPro is limiting you.

That's just my opinion tho.

Quick modding tools are meant only to make base - recipes and set proper spawning parameters and power factors of tools. You can switch textures later.

For the feature set, yes, PRO does not only include quick modding tools but many other features too. Check for more info.

Wow i am sorry that you are diagnosed with autism and adhd also no i am not lazy i am actually learning my self to code so i can make better mods not like you using a program that actually limits you in all ways i am not talking about pro i am talking about making also letting you know when you have a mean comment at least try to get your grammar right and i know mine isn't perfect so noooo need to tell me

the mistake is in the first line (LOL it's not limiting you your? you your. it meant to be "LOL it's not limiting you, you're just lazy..." definition of your is belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing. and you're means you are but your autistic little mind wont understand thank you bye.

I called you out for being lazy and yet you call me out for " having a mean comment" yet the first sentence is "Wow, I am sorry that you are diagnosed with autism and adhd" it shows who you really are. Also why did you bring up the fact that your trying to learn to learn to code trying to feel superior i guess? You say that you are not talking about pro yet you typed "Hey pay 40 euro just to get quickmoddingtools." Next time don't bring up grammar, you must have hyped yourself up for that one when yours looks and reads like shit you must have spent more time correcting mine then you have typed in yours. So like you said "least try to get your grammar right and i know mine isn't perfect so noooo need to tell me" and that's the only thing you got right but still i'll give you an A for trying the hardest you to try and make me look like a dumbass.

P.s I'm diagnosed with dyslexia and if i cared about you i would have tried to use proper grammar.