Report a bug

Here you can report a bug. Please provide a good description of the issue you have. In case we won't need additional info from you. you might not get an answer. Nevertheless, all the reports are sent to the bug-fix queue. If the bug is fixed, you should see it being fixed in next update. If we had issues with fixing, it is posted on the todo list. This means that fixing took more than it should so we don't concentrate on this bug only, but it will be fixed in the future.

Before submitting your bug here, make sure to check that it hasn't been reported already by checking the Feature request queue.

Type short name that describes your bug
Select the version of MCreator in which the bug occurred. Only supported releases of MCreator are listed. If you a have a bug with older version of MCreator, you should update it as the bug might have been fixed in the newer release.
Select the platform on which the bug occurred
Describe the bug. Please also paste any logs or reports of errors you have. This will help us resolve the bug. Make sure that your description is clear and readable! If you get build errors, errors when exporting or errors at setup, please attach the console log. If you don't send us the log, we can't help you and your bug report will be ignored.