All Procedures You Need-A complete collection (Discontinued)

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A Production with CrispyChips and Goldorion

Note: This project is discontinued and it will not be compatible with future versions of Mcreator onwards starting from 2020.5. If you wish, downloads are still available below.



Huge hand-crafted procedures, with unlimited functionalities



In-procedure help, understand everything you're seeing



Fully customizable


Gun Magazine Reload.ptpl

Ultimate Killing Potion.ptpl

Landmine Countdown.ptpl

Anti Tree Breaking.ptpl

Hammer Break.ptpl


Anti Potion.ptpl

Gravity Gun that shoots through entities and flips gravity.ptpl

Boomerang that brings entities near you, deals damage and then brings them back to where they were.ptpl

Gravity Gun Used.ptpl

Potion Radius Diffuser.ptpl

Block Rotations.ptpl

Check for specified enchantment, if none then add.ptpl


Better Crafting.ptpl

Get Subresources.ptpl


Grappling Hook-Bullet Flying.ptpl

Mining-Momentum effect-Increases Speed as you mine more blocks.ptpl

Momentum-Block destroyed with tool.ptpl

Play sound and show message when night arrives.ptpl

Recover NBT tags from last session using block.ptpl

Save NBT tags for next session using block.ptpl

Stove-Heat Up and preset.ptpl


Warping Pearl Set Location.ptpl

Warping Pearl.ptpl

When ghost hurt, make appear.ptpl

Meteor Strike.ptpl

Countdown Entity Explode.ptpl

Ammo Procedure.ptpl

Clone Potion Expires.ptpl

Clone Potion Hits Ground.ptpl

Clone Potion Starts.ptpl

Commands that sets NBT tag according to the parameter and sends error message if false.ptpl

Even Better Realistic Stove.ptpl

Food eaten, give effect.ptpl

Give Advancement if has something.ptpl

Gun Particles Procedures.ptpl

Monster Spawning Block.ptpl

Power System--RLcraft.ptpl

Rocket Boots.ptpl

Search For something in GUI text field.ptpl

Ufo that constantly spawns monsters and might fly away any second.ptpl

Use Bandage.ptpl

Wearing Boots give sparks.ptpl

When attacked, regenerate if has advancement.ptpl

Zombie Horde that spawns in game.ptpl

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Too bad it was discontinued looks like a whole lot of cool stuff

does this work with 2020.5? I dont want to look stupid, im just asking.

Can you make plugin like this in 2021.1? this is very useful but it can be only use on 2020.4

This is brilliant! Can you plaese update this wonderful API for 2021.2?