ExtraProcedure Plugin

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Global triggers
About the plugin

This plugin is the result of the collaboration between CrispyChips and Max094_Reikeb.
It adds more procedure blocks and works with both MC 1.14.4 and 1.15.2.


  • Attack procedures (custom category)
    • Get arrow power
    • Get attack damage
    • Was entity shot by arrow
    • Was entity shot by trident
  • Block procedures
    • Increase Block NBT number tag
    • Get item in slot X of block at x, y, z (it was in 2020.2 but removed in 2020.3)
  • Entity procedures
    • Increase Entity NBT number tag
    • Remove specific potion effect
    • Heal entity
    • Remove XP points from entity
  • Item procedures
    • Increase Item NBT number tag
    • Is itemstack a tool
    • Show itemstack totem-like animation
  • World procedures
    • Strike cosmetic only lightning
  • Text procedures
    • Get localized text
    • Print String in console
  • Global triggers
    • Entity struck by lightning
    • On entity healed


  • This plugin works for MCreator 2020.3 (until version r1.1) and MCreator 2020.4 (version r1.1.1 and above)
  • The current version is EP-r1.1.1
  • Installation help is on the GitHub repository, with the ReadMe file
  • Credits are also in the ReadMe file
  • Don't forget that you can open an issue on our GitHub if anything goes wrong, or if you want to submit ideas

GitHub repository

Here is our GitHub repository's release page : https://github.com/Max094Reikeb/ExtraProceduresPlugin/releases

Supported MCreator versions
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