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Global triggers
About the plugin

This plugin was made by me.
It adds new procedures for mcreator 2020.4 and the new snapshot 2020.5 for versions 1.12.2,1.14.4 and 1.15.2


  • Entities Procedures      
    - Is Entity Has Invisible
    - Is Entity Immune to Fire
    - Is Entity Immune to Explosion
    - Is Entity In Water
    - Is Entity In Lava
    - Is Entity Non Boss
    - Is Entity alive
    - Entity has no Gravity
    - Is Entity Crouching
    - Is Entity Descending
    - Is Entity Discrete
    - Is Entity Invulnerable
    - Is Entity In water or bubble column
    - Is Entity In water rain or bubble column
    - Is Entity Pushed by water
    - Set sprinting to true/false for entity 
    - Set sneaking to true/false for entity 
    - Set no gravity to true/false for entity 
    - Set silent to true/false for entity

  • Player Procedures
    - Get absortion level of entity
    - Set walkspeed/flyspeed abilitiy to <number> of entity
    - Get walkspeed/flyspeed level of entity


  • I removed the global triggers because I decided to create another plugin for that.
  • Stable version is 1.1

GitHub repository

  • Coming soon ...

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