Brazilian Portuguese translate plugin

Published by AHLZ on Thu, 08/27/2020 - 05:47
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Tradução do mcreator para o português do brasil
About the plugin

This plugin is for all brazilian and portuguese modders, this translate the mcreator for Brazilian Portuguese.


this plugin is not 100% completed, need translate very much things, but for now, these things(some of them, not all) are translated:

  • Dialogues (not completed)
  • Actions (not completed)
  • Mod elements(Name and description)
  • Workspace categories
  • Global Triggers
  • Procedure categories

coming soon i will make Procedure Blocks and In-app helps


If a brazilian see it, please, give feedback so that I can improve it


Translator and contact

Andrey Henrique (AHLZ) contact in discord for informations:

How to install the plugin

To install it, you need to go inside the folder you installed MCreator(normally C:\Program Files\Pylo\MCreator for 64bits installation). Then, open the folder named "plugins". Remove the "mcreator-localization" (it's the default plugin with English translations) and then, add the brazilian portuguese plugin. Finally, restart MCreator, and you should see the translated mcreator



  • Translation of most of Procedures and A.I tasks of entity living


  • Translate of Blocks procedures
  • Translate of Items procedure
  • Corrected typing and spelling errors


  • More some actions
  • Dialogues (mainly from github)
  • More actions
  • One procedure block
  • Some misspellings


  • Some actions
  • Some dialogues
  • Mod elements(All descriptions)


  • Procedure categories
  • Workspace categories
  • Mod elements(Only name for now)
  • Actions (not completed)
  • Global Triggers
  • Dialogues (not completed)
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