1.16.2 Data Pack Generator

Published by Goldorion on Mon, 08/31/2020 - 16:36
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About the plugin

Create your own Data packs for Minecraft 1.16.2. This second generator has been created to, in the future, have all custom world generation features.


This generator is based on the 1.15.2 data pack generator created by Pylo.


  • Advancements
  • Biomes (the other generator uses my code, but he never asked me)
  • Functions
  • Loot tables
  • Tags
  • Recipes

Important Information

  • The plugin requires ClothCommons to be able to work properly.
  • Make sure you use the latest MCreator 2020.4 snapshot
  • Back up your workspace before updating to a newer version of the plugin.


Lead Dev - Goldorion

Others - Pylo/MCreator (for the 1.15.2 data pack generator)

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.0  

  • Data packs created with this tool may be closed source and/or be distributed with a different license.
  • Appropriate credit must be provided to the creators and maintainers of this software.
  • Forked versions of this software must be distributed under the same license as this with attribution, if distributed.
  • Changes must be stated if any modified works are to be distributed.
  • Under no circumstances can you state that modified works are endorsed by the original creators.
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