Events Additions

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Global triggers
About the plugin

This plugin adds new global trigger and very useful procedures for events
It adds new procedures for mcreator 2020.4 and the new snapshot 2020.5 for versions 1.12.2,1.14.4 and 1.15.2


  • Global triggers
    - A block is multi placed
    - An entity drops experience
    - When entity falls
    - A player pick up experience
    - A player uses an item
    - A player stops using an item
    - A player finishes using an item

  • Procedures
    - Set <Amount> number dependency of <LivingHurtEvent> event to 0 NEW
    - Set <Amount> text dependency of <Event> event to "Text" NEW
    - Set <Amount> logic dependency of <Event> event to <FALSE/TRUE> NEW


  • Stable version is 1.0
  • Thanks for NatePlays95.

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  • Coming soon ...

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