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About the plugin

This is a small plugin for easier randomization. It adds the following procedure blocks:

  • Random integer between 0 and [number]
  • Random boolean
  • Random number with normal distribution
  • Biome noise at X Z (1.14+)
  • Random block from block tag (1.14+)
  • Random item from item tag (1.14+)
  • Random direction (1.14+)

Supported generators: Forge 1.12.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.4

Supported MCreator versions
EAP 2020.6.52319
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Hello, I would like to ask you for permission to add your plugin inside MCreator's core for final 2020.5. Please answer me ASAP.

In my opinion, making randomness in MCreator using procedures isn't very user friendly in its current state, so just adding 3 new procedure blocks would just make the process that much simpler.

i needed this sooooo bad. anyways, can i put this plugin in minecraftmodZmaker?

In the "Random integer between 0 and _", is it actually between the two, meaning if I put in 16 it will give me from 1 to 15?

I love this but the only thing I Use from it is the random block, or item.