Better Procedures

Published by MrScautHD on Sat, 02/27/2021 - 13:48
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Supported MCreator versions
EAP 2021.1.03117
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Adds Player is Flying check procedures
About the plugin

Adds Many more new procedures.


  • Is entity flying (true,false)
  • Is entity elytra flying (true,false)
  • Is entity elytra Swimming
  • Is entity blocking (true,false)
  • Get fly Speed of entity
  • Get walk speed of entity
  • Set edit mode of entity to (true,false)
  • Set entity fly speed to (0,1...)
  • Set entity walk speed to (0,1...)
  • Diesable shield of entity (true,false)
  • Start entity elytra fly
  • Stop entity elytra fly
  • Set entity glowing (true,false)
  • Switch dimension of entity spawnhigh(0,1...) to: (Surface...)
  • Set FOV of entity to (0,1...)
  • Get FOV of entity
  • Get Fluid Bucket Fluid:(Fuel...)


  • On Entity Tick


  • Transparent GUI Textures Support (only Fly Procedure 2.3 Version Supported this!)

Picture to Set FOV:





You should add these new procedure blocks inside MCreator directly. It will be much more useful and many more users will use them.

Will the "start " " elytra flying" block start a player flying in elytra mode if they aren't wearing an elytra, or only if they are?

A procedure block that applies a rocket boost would be very useful and fitting I think, It could be called "Apply rocket boost to "event/target entity" flight duration "1" ".

Awesome plugin MrScautHD
can you please consider adding in procedure blocks for getting fly speed.

It's incredible !!! But can you update it for the EAP 2021.1 (12313) cause i wan't to use the Start Elytra Flying, but when the bloc is used, flying instant stop (idk if its a bug or just because the plugin isn't for this version now), Thanks ! ^^