Better Procedures

Published by MrScautHD on Sat, 02/27/2021 - 13:48
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Supported MCreator versions
EAP 2021.1.03117
Adds Player is Flying check procedures
About the plugin

Adds Many more new procedures.


  • Is entity flying (true,false)
  • Is entity elytra flying (true,false)
  • Is entity elytra Swimming
  • Is entity blocking (true,false)
  • Get fly Speed of entity
  • Get walk speed of entity
  • Set edit mode of entity to (true,false)
  • Set entity fly speed to (0,1...)
  • Set entity walk speed to (0,1...)
  • Diesable shield of entity (true,false)
  • Start entity elytra fly
  • Stop entity elytra fly
  • Set entity glowing (true,false)
  • Switch dimension of entity spawnhigh(0,1...) to: (Surface...)
  • Set FOV of entity to (0,1...)
  • Get FOV of entity
  • Get Fluid Bucket Fluid:(Fuel...)


  • On Entity Tick


  • Transparent GUI Textures Support (only Fly Procedure 2.3 Version Supported this!)

Picture to Set FOV:




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You should add these new procedure blocks inside MCreator directly. It will be much more useful and many more users will use them.

Will the "start " " elytra flying" block start a player flying in elytra mode if they aren't wearing an elytra, or only if they are?

A procedure block that applies a rocket boost would be very useful and fitting I think, It could be called "Apply rocket boost to "event/target entity" flight duration "1" ".

Awesome plugin MrScautHD
can you please consider adding in procedure blocks for getting fly speed.