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EAP 2021.1.12313
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About the plugin

This Plugins add some APIs that cannot be used with the latest MCreator Snapshot without manually adding.

APIs Included

  • Bookshelf
  • CraftTweaker
  • Curios API
  • GeckoLib
  • Just Enough Items
  • Patchouli

Procedures Included for APIs

  • Curios API
  • GeckoLib


Method 1:
  1. Close MCreator

  2. Go to /.mcreator/plugins and place the .zip file of the plugin there. You need to enable hidden folders on your OS to see this.

  3. Open MCreator, if everything is fine, then your plugin should be listed with other plugins (Preference -> Manage plugins).

Method 2:

  1. Launch MCreator

  2. Go to preference => manage plugins and click on "load plugin" to import the .zip file.

  3. Relaunch MCreator, then your plugin should be listed with other plugins (Preference -> Manage plugins).

Finally API support for 1.16.5 (ONLY)!

For usage of the APIs pls visit these Wikis. I linked these Wikis on the Plugins Topic Page!

IMPORTANT: To make sure to read this Page if you used GeckoLib 2.0. This Plugin adds GeckoLib 3.0 and has small Changes in the Code and you need to convert existing Models. And Read the GeckoLib Wiki! Here is the Page, what you should read first!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For everyone who has no idea about programming, I'll deal with GeckoLib 3.0 (I haven't even dealt with 3.0 yet) and make a tutorial on how to use it with MCreator. I find it very embarrassing that many are just too lazy to read the damn GeckoLib Wiki carefully and learn to code everything yourself. There are things that you can do in Forge that are not supported by MCreator, such as translatable tooltips for items. There's even a tutorial here on MCreator. Just so you know, programming doesn't have to be difficult and even with MCreator, you have to program certain things yourself. Just as a hint, MCreator simplifies most of the programming of a mod. Normally it would take longer to create a complicated mod such as the Create Mod.

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can I make geckolib animations in mcreator2021.1 with this? I ussed an older blockbench and exported my animated java entity and the animation but it seems like everytime i save the entity it gives error

hey, this says it adds api support for jei, in what way does this exactly add support for it? if its custom gui/recipes, how would we do that?

If you use JEI API you can create modded Recipes for your Recipes. Example if you have an custom Crafting Table or something it will not work with JEI. You need to code yourself to make it compatible with JEI, to show the Recipes of your Custom Crafting Table.

can I use this to create an animated entity? the procedure works but the new geckolib only export .geo.json.....mcreator uses java entity so it means this plugin can only animate items and blocks?

does geckolib plugin work with the 1.16.5 genenerator
if it is,it gives me an error
if it doesn't, im stupid

i mean, geckolib plugin works in 1.15.2 generator but when i try in 1.16.5 generator in procedures it pops up this error

and in workspace settings , geckolib isn't shown up