Theme Overload

Published by Safro on Fri, 06/04/2021 - 01:22
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EAP 2021.2.23417
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Theme Overload


This plugin adds new UI themes for the MCreator 2021.2 snapshot ONLY. The current themes contain a space/galactic and a cactus green color variation. At the moment this plugin only adds two UI themes, but many more are planned for the future. I hope for this plugin to have 10-15 themes eventually and give the user plenty of customization. 

Download Instructions:

1. Download ZIP file below (latest version recommended)

2. Place the file in the plugins folder of your MCreator

3. Once the plugin says it is loaded restart your MCreator

4. Go to Preferences > UI Themes > [Theme Name] then select Apply and Save

5. Restart your MCreator once again and the theme should be there!




Main Menu

Workspace Home

Item Properties Tab

Cactus screenshots coming soon!



This plugin is a submission for the UI Theme competition 

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We have decided to open a submission form for the themes contest to get a better insight into the themes that entered the submission. Enter on in order to participate with your theme.