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Published by Etaa on Mon, 08/09/2021 - 15:00
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MCreator plugin
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  • Fix: "on Entity Attacked event" can not use sourceentity dependency


  • Fix: chaotic bounding box
  • Fix: "When living entity is hit with tool" can not use sourceentity dependency


Add more process blocks

  • Time delay
  • Get the distance between two points
  • Get BlockPos
  • Traversal of loaded entities

Supported generator:Forge 1.12.2

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I installed it and realized it was for the wrong version. I tried to remove the plugin from the plugin folder but that hasnt worked. How do I unload the plugin

this plugin not fit higher version, but i think it needn't update. actually i install it in a mistake, and it cause i cant use entity iterator. if you found entity iterator doesn't work , may you install this plugin too.

Why is AxisAlignedBB not working?