Blockstate procedures

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About the plugin

This plugin adds some procedure blocks to manipulate the properties of block states. For example, you can check the water level of a cauldron, place an upside-down slab, or waterlog a fence gate.
Note: you can't add new block states to your custom blocks, that can't be done with procedures

How to use:

To change the property of a block state, you'll need the name of the property and its value: you can find a list of properties and possible values in this Minecraft Wiki page.

There are 4 kinds of properties:

  1. Logic

  2. Number

  3. Enum - treated as a string, it's for properties that aren't logic or number

  4. Direction


  • Procedure blocks to change the property of a placed block
  • Procedure blocks to get the value of a property
  • Procedure blocks to get a block state with a specific property value
  • Procedure templates to place a rose bush, print the water level of a cauldron, waterlog a conduit
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