Published by Badpig on Sun, 01/16/2022 - 03:11
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MCreator And GeckoLib
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this plugin only adds geckolib api,

it is only for developers who lock elements to edit them with code

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I didn't quite understand what the features of this re-release of the plugin are

Will it be possible in the future to have a version that does not require programming the code by hand?

I'm not sure this will work but you could try taking the procedures of the old Feder's Geckolib 2.0.0 Plugin and try making it work for this plugin

Hey Badpig, can we have some talk? I try to implement Procedures to use Geckolib more easily. Maybe we can work together.

I'm quite disappointed. I know plugins can be anything, but publishing something so hugely anticipated, like Gecko plugin got update for newest versions, and realising that it is only for API checking... I got from like Mc Live excitement down to "another Windows update" excitement.
Also, would be nice if you include 1.16 API, since 1.17 is version not really worth attention for.

bruh literally all this is is 3 lines of code that you can copy and paste from the geckolib wiki

If you really wanted to create something unique, try adding blocks like in feder's geckolib plugin

here's literally all the code in the plugin:

gradle: |
repositories {
maven { url '' }
implementation fg.deobf('software.bernie.geckolib:geckolib-1.17.1-forge:3.0.14')
- ~
name: "GeckoLib Api"

I downloaded all 3 links here, and none of them work for my 1.16.5 forge mod. I have tried a lot of things.