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This plugin has been discontinued. You can use it if you like, but it is highly advised that you use Item Tooltips instead.



Item lore allows for the modification of any item's lore description. Unlike item descriptions, lore can be modified through procedures and applied to both vanilla and other mod's items. Your lore can be however long you want and customised with color codes.




List of procedures


Simple Example:


Example Procedure

Set lore in main hand:

set lore in main hand

Obviously the coords can be changed to something like +5000 +5000


Version 2 changelog:

-Variables can now be used as slot numbers

-Added support for forge 1.19.2

Version 1 changelog:

-Added string support to lore

New Procedure

MIT License

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I am still trying to figure that out, since text using string format is generated as "text" in the code. To have it work, I need the text to be generated like this: "text\", and adding \ to the text in the string generates the \ twice. If I get it to work I'll update the plugin

I have some Ideas to make the Plugin a lot better:
- Add a new Block that set an existing line of the Item
- Add the Ability to apply lore to Items directly. Like you could apply lore on the Item in Main Hand.
- Add the Ability to get text of the lore
- Add the Ability to specify which line you want to add lore.

Wow this is very cool, specially for people that doesn't like to enter the code and modify the item lore method, like i recently did. I've just updated a lot of my items with custom code adding localization to them, but with this it would be much simpler for people that do not like to touch the code. Excellent work, hope to see it updated to future versions of MCreator :)

The Add new Line with the String Support doesn't work properly:

The procedure only works on container blocks that have slots, not player slots. Also, I did read your suggestions and will take them into consideration. (Perhaps you can make the command add a chest at y+50, set the item in main hand in slot 0, change the lore of the item in slot 0, return the item to the main hand and then remove the chest?)