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Fabric Essentials
About the plugin

Fabric Essentials aims to integrate as many new features into the fabric generator as possible, making it a viable choice for making complex and large-scale mods. Expanded functionality is implemented through the introduction of a large array of procedures, global triggers and modification of existing code templates.


Currently includes:

  • 23 Global Triggers (will be reduced once some are merged in the fabric plugin)
  • 30 Procedure blocks
  • Swings item/tool/ranged item procedures
  • Block NBT tags
  • Entity NBT tags
  • Player persistent NBTs (Same as forge player persistent player variables)
  • And much more in the future!


Existing workspaces:

If you plan on changing your fabric workspace's mod ID while the plugin is loaded, you will first need to convert your workspace to forge. This is because some of the files the plugin modifies do not update, and will therefore cause a sizeable amount of features to cause crashes after the mod is exported. The same is the case for any existing workspace as it will not have the code the plugin applies by default unless it was made in the most recent version of the fabric generator that implements that code already.



Before you start using the plugin's features, you will need to enable fabric essentials in workspace settings -> external APIs, as this plugin uses a library to gain access to most of its features. Always make sure you are using the latest version of the generator as some features are sometimes moved over from this plugin to it.


This API is included as a part of your mod after exporting, so it will not be required for it to work outside MCreator.


Many thanks to Kleiders for helping me develop this project and to Goldorion for making this all possible by developing the Fabric Generator.


Side note: When getting global variables, you must use an if not(is provided world client side) otherwise they return 2 values


-Fixed an issue with fabric generator mods not working if used together (issue with the gen itself)

-Fixed workspace not working if there was no items

-Fixed more major bugs

-Fixed a bug where ranged items and music discs would cause a crash
-Fixed a bug where making an item and deleting it caused a crash

-Fixed an outdated template breaking some workspaces
-Added temporary bugfixes for GUI procedures

-Removed features merged into fabric generator
-Introduced a new category, fabric variables
-Added 6 new procedures to fabric variables
-Temporary keybinds bugfix

-Fixed global variables causing a build error
-Added a new global trigger
-Updated the API version to build 2.1.627
-Added some temporary features and bugfixes

-Added support for block nbt tags
-Added support for entity nbt tags
-Added 9 new procedures
-Added 7 new global triggers
-Added support for global map/world variables
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It's recommended to enable plugin update notifications in the notifications part of MCreator settings
Always have the LATEST version of both this plugin and the fabric generator plugin

Nerdy can you help me with two MCreator Plugins that will need to be a Java Plugin? Because I have never made a Java Plugin before.

Can you add me on Discord? DeadlyKitsune#6554

CHECK OUT THE LATEST RELEASE AT https://github.com/NerdyPuzzle/Fabric-Essentials/releases
If you see that you have a pending update of this plugin, but you don't see it in the attachments area of the plugin page, check the github releases.

a bit confused so do i change the work space to fabric or keep it forge and enable the api?