Entity Textures Features (ETF)

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Supported MCreator versions
EAP 2022.4.52117
EAP 2023.1.04717
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About the plugin

Entity Textures Features allows you to change Textures from Entities with specific Properties via Optifine Format, also has more properties that doesn't exist in Optifine.

Important Notes: 

  • This Plugin adds only ETF as RunTimeOnly. This means it adds only ETF as a Mod for running in the Dev Environment to make it easier to work with ETF without exporting the Mod everytime for distribution.
  • All the Features down below can only be used with Resource Packs.
  • If you use 1.16.5 you need to use Cloth Config. Use ShadowAPIs Plugin for this.

  • It seems that the latest Version of MCreator 2023.1 and above doesn't work with ETF. I'm currently researching this Issue and try to fix it


Plugin Info: [Info] | [README]

  • Forge
    • 1.16.5 (ETF 4.0.2- Working)
    • 1.18.2 (ETF 4.3.1 - Working)
    • 1.19.2 (ETF 4.3.1 - not Working)
  • Fabric
    • 1.18.2 (ETF 4.3.1 - not tested)
    • 1.19.2 (ETF 4.3.1 - not tested)



  • Initial Release


  • Support for 1.16.5 added


  • Changed ETF Version for 1.16.5 from 4.3.1 to 4.0.2  for fixing a bug
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This looks very promising! But it would be nice if it could support 1.16.5 for cross-version mods!

Submitted by Faruk Arda on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 21:29 Permalink

Nice plug-in, do we have to code it or do you add new blocks for us to use

Since the plugin only applies the mod at runtime, couldn't the exact same thing be done using the existing plugin- all mods?

For some reasons you can't use a specific Version of the Mod in MCreator.

For Example 4.3.1 of Entity Texture Features is available for all MC Versions but all Versions after 4.0.2 will occur in a Error if you try to run the Client in MCreator using 1.16.5 Minecraft Version. This will likely be the case on some Mods if you use Curse Maven Method.

You need to test it yourself.

Here is a Tutorial how to use Curse Maven: